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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Emotional Hygiene – a must watch from Ted Talk

I loved this TED talk shared by Sense about teaching us adults, and children the importance of emotional hygiene and mental health. Every person needs it — I can see that in Little Bun — Failure, Rejection, Loneliness — and he has to learn how to get over it, acknowledge it, and heal himself.

I can see a lot of what he is saying. I do that to myself, I can’t stop thinking about things I do wrong and I am super critical of myself, and I am trying NOT to be like that. To shake it off, let it go, let myself heal and remind myself of the fact that is it just 1% of my 100% day. I have to teach Little Bun this.

I am just waiting, WAITING for a decent sale from Banana Republic on this stunning bag.

Look. On the one hand, this article about rich people trying not to feel or look rich, really struck a chord with me. I DO THIS. I do this, and I have been trying to hide it for years. I still try and hide it, for good reason, but I am less stressed out and vigilant about not coming across as having money in any way possible (through my car, clothes, etc). I downplay what I wear, what I drive, how much I owe in debt (zero…a fact no one knows at work), and how much I have as my personal net worth (about $760K at this time of writing?)

You know I’m obsessed with this Céline Belt bag right? This one looks so interesting with its mottled body, but if I ever bought one it would be a neutral colour I think.

On the other hand, I definitely still do not think that Kylie Jenner is “self-made”, because it means you only relied on your self to get you there, when in fact she has parlayed off the name of her family to reach those heights — no shame in that, no shade here, I am just saying to not rule out the fact that it was much easier to climb to the top, when you’re already rich & famous…  Oprah is self-made. Sarah Blakely is self-made. You get the idea.

I bought the whole repertoire of Learning Endless Monsters apps for Little Bun. He is obsessed. I can name all the characters now. Pinkerton is my favourite…

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  1. GreenDollarBills

    Thanks for sharing Sherry. It’s incredibly important to be self assured and confident in your financial position. You shouldn’t need external validation for your wealth – internal satisfaction is all you should need.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I’m just excited to hit my next $$ goal


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