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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where a bride asks for $1500 from each guest to be a Kardashian for a day


This is an older post, from 2018 but it still sparks giggles and outrage from all around. Essentially, this bride was asking for $1500 from each wedding guest so that she could “be a Kardashian for a day”. I won’t spoil the entire sordid tale for you, as you can read her actual writing from a Facebook post here.

This actually lends credence to an alarming trend that has been happening with people thinking that living like billionaires, is “normal”, let alone achievable. You are statistically more likely to become the poorest 1% than to be a billionaire. Seriously. This is really out of control if people think this is attainable, and speaks to a larger problem of delusion with “reality TV” not being realistic at all.


I bought this vintage style Clue board game that comes in a book form so that it can easily sit on a bookshelf, neatly tucked away, and not have anything fall out (magnetic cover), and it is one of my best purchases so far. Little Bun and I have been having hours of fun with it. It would be fun with more people, and I am excited to bring it out when we next travel up to see family and friends, to have a whole group of people joining in with us.


There has been an uptick of interest in renting your clothes for a small amount per month rather than buying them, but this article states it is actually worse than buying the item and throwing it out. So in theory, you could “rent” the runway, and rent items like vacation outfits (?), or a wedding attendee outfit. When I initially thought of it, I thought it made sense for things like galas, weddings and so on. You could get a $3000 dress for $30 to wear for that one day, and return it. For daily wear? I am not so sold on this being a great option even though it would technically let you ‘refresh’ your wardrobe every month if you wanted.  The real eco-friendly renting would be if they could clean the clothes without drycleaning, and transport them back and forth to clients with an eco-friendly option.


I am still working from home for the foreseeable future (and actually, I will never want to go back to the office even after this pandemic becomes endemic), so I invested in a pair of work from home headphones – the Jabra Evolve2 75 headset.

Most people suggested the Apple AirPods Pro but I cannot handle silicone or anything inside my ears (triggers my motion sickness if I do not have airflow), I wanted a microphone boom (the quality is far better with one), wireless with a real battery life (50+ hours!), and able to mute with a button, or turn the advanced noise cancelling option on and off. This one checked of all the boxes, except it is on-ear rather than over-the-ear cups which I prefer.

Lastly, I tried it out with a BLENDER on in the background (a loud noisy one), and you heard absolutely nothing, while I was speaking on the headphones. It is truly miraculous.

The only con is with the blender on, though other people cannot hear anything, I am still distracted by the noise, as the headphones even with ANC on, do not completely block it out.


These 1763 fabric sample books are stunning. You’d always think of these colours are being dull and boring in the past, but the fabrics are vibrant, modern and beautiful.


This is one of my favourite styles of sweaters – the balloon sleeve with a V-neck – and I already have a ribbed version I got, but this one is pretty well-priced for the quality. And comes in a range of colours.


Another great article on why a fancy chicken dinner costs as much as a 42-inch TV, a.k.a., explaining what inflation is and isn’t. I think inflation is one of those things that people get super confused by, when in fact, it affects us yearly. Every year that prices increase, even a smidge (gas being a big one these days), and your income DOES NOT increase in line with the increased cost of living, you could end up making far less than you should if you DO NOT negotiate and ask for a raise or switch jobs to get one.


I couldn’t resist. This is such a beautifully unique sweater (comes in black and white), and I have been looking for a cold shoulder one for a while, without it being too cliché or with too much hardware that would clink and clang all over the place.


  • Bobby

    That’s the most rid thing I have ever heard fot for a wedding gift! Talk about being entitled and narcissist!! I would have told her too F..k Off like the other people. Good lord. I’m sure she has a wonderful life being alone. LOL.

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