Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Women are being forced to choose being a mother or to go to work

1. Edged out

This article talks about the issue that we never seem to truly address, or gets brushed over: Why is women’s paid labour the first thing to get sacrificed in the household? Why not a man’s?

A woman’s salary is always looked at as a bonus, as “pin money” and “unnecessary” (unless you’re a single mother of course but they tend to get seriously underpaid). It’s because women still are expected to shoulder the majority of the burden in society, for household and childcare. Whether they want to or not.

2. Charged

I go on the balcony a lot and sometimes I forget to charge my phone. In those cases, this portable battery charger has SAVED ME. Even when I worked, sometimes I’d have to take a call in the car, and my phone was about to die (or I was in the park with Little Bun), and I’d pull out this charger and charge to full and keep going on with my hideously long 3-hour conference calls.

It’s handy. For anything. For traveling, walking around outside, running errands all day… and not being tethered to an electrical outlet.

3. Pinned up

Madeleine Albright and her life in pins… She makes me want to build my collection of brooches now!

4. Gladiator

I picked up these gladiator sandals on sale (30% off) and I LOVE THEM. Review coming soon, but they’re going to sell out of the gorgeous gold colour.

5. Race

One of the best videos I have watched in a long time on race. And this is another must-watch video, as a parent, that made me cry.

6. Dusted

I am obsessed with robes and kimonos lately. If you have been paying attention, there’s something in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Grace and Frankie and The Duchess that I see a common love of — ROBES AND KIMONOS. So this gorgeous black duster is on my list as I don’t have one yet.

7. Honesty

This mother draws what raising kids is really like, in a comic. I laughed like crazy.

8. Mineral Beauty

I found another nail polish brand to try out and I picked up a new colour called Jewel in this brand that looks very well done.

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