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Bonus: Stuffie Adventures – Growing a Garden, Going to the Beach & on Bread Watch

Stuffies Go on Garden Duty

Today, Little Bun decided the Stuffies would grow a garden.

First, Babiest Stuffie got dressed in his normcore white tee that I hand-sewed (can you tell!?) for him upon Little Bun’s request:

And then they started planting a row of vegetables:

Then Little Bun tells me:

Mommy, they need sunlight to grow.

So we open the curtains.

Then he says: And they need carbon dioxide! So we need to breathe on them. *HAAAA HAAAAAA*

So we spend a few seconds breathing carbon dioxide on them… and he goes and grabs ‘water’ with a box and waters each row of plants nicely:

Garden Rows:

  • Green: Lettuce
  • Red: Tomatoes
  • Yellow: Potatoes
  • Purple: Beets

Then the Stuffies go on Garden Duty to watch for bugs and animals who might eat their harvest.

We also harvested it afterwards, and made a vegetable stew which everyone loved and ate!

Stuffies go to the Beach

Toady, we decided to go to the beach. This is the kind of beach I enjoy. No sand, shaded with no sun, and comfortable.

The Stuffies are loving it! They’re hanging out on the beach with pillows to chill:

They go and dip toes into the water (see, it’s the beach, and they’re just swishing their toes in the water instead):

Then decided to build a sand castle where Little Bun used his Peter Rabbit book box to collect water to help the Stuffies make a sand castle:

As another activity on the beach, the Stuffies decide to read a book on swimming (perfect beach read!):

Then use the book as a tent on the beach, and take a little nap:

All in all, a great day!

Little Stuffie goes on Bread Duty

“Mommy, I want to put Stuffie in charge of Bread Duty to make sure it doesn’t disappear before we get to eat it”

And he did his job well because the bread was untouched until we were ready to eat!


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