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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The Unwritten Rules of Being Poor

1. Unspoken

I found these 33 Unwritten Rules of Being Poor interesting. Some of them were actually things we did, like me not asking for money for field trips or pizza day because I knew the answer would be “No”, or it would be “Yes” but then my parents would fight over the lack of money. My father would scream about how we were wasting it, and yet he would go out and buy lottery tickets by the bundle each week. It was a very confusing message for a young child to receive. I now know that if they had simply invested that gambling money, they’d be millionaires many times over today.

2. Underthings

I have purchased bras and underwear from Knix and I am surprised at how well made and comfortable they are.

3. Eyeroll

These and many similar other articles entitled: “How I bought my $940K condo at the age of 25“, continue to frustrate the hell out of me because the story is always the same as it has many of these elements:

  • Inherited wealth
  • Major help from parents – financially and/or living at home rent-free
  • No debt (student or otherwise) – as their parents likely paid their entire education
  • Making a lot of money

There is simply no other way a 25-year old can afford an almost $1M condo “alone”. I understand the point of these articles is to generate clickbait and to make people want to read HOW she did it, and I absolutely applaud her parents for being so financially savvy and smart enough to give her such a generational wealth jump in life. But… I still feel frustrated on behalf of others that it is made to seem so easy when in fact, they are starting on a whole other level that will not be achievable by the majority of people.

4. Layered

The layering necklace trend is something I am starting to get into. These letter necklaces look quite expensive considering their price. I like the paperclip chain a lot. Otherwise, these ones at Anthropologie that look like oversized, modern necklaces are also very cool. It’s a cool way to wear your initials or someone else’s, like let’s say.. Little Bun’s!

5. 73 Questions

This time, Vogue’s 73 Questions with one of my favourite songstresses – Adele – whom I have loved from day one. She is so down to earth, funny, and all around amazing.

I still recall the time she pretended to be faux Adele, and wore makeup and so on to pretend to audition as an impersonator. She then surprised her fans at the end (all Adele impersonators). It remains one of my favourite videos to watch to date. AND SHE IS SO FUNNY.

6. Cosy Toesies

Fuzzy slippers to snuggle up in around the home are on almost everyone’s shopping list this year (at least, the people I talk to!) I liked these simple faux fur ones, but really, if you want to go all out, these seaside inspired fuzzy slippers from independent Wolf & Badger are pretty cosy and cool. I love the massive blue lobster on them. Alternatively, if fuzzies are not your thing, these flower smoking slippers look pretty as well.

7. Shocking

Which coffee chain has a drink that has as much sugar as 2 cups of ice cream? I think I’d rather eat the ice cream! I have been trying to cut way back on sugary hot drinks as of late. With my teas at home, I never add sugar, only milk. The only problem is going out as a lot of the drinks outside, don’t have simply the spices, but it is a spiced syrup. You run into the issue where if you don’t put enough syrup, it doesn’t taste like anything, and if you put just enough to taste it, it’s far too sweet. I want coffee chains to create spiced syrups (?) or mixes that have half the amount of sugar because it is really too sugary.

8. Chiffonade

Ever since I got back into earrings after discovering these life changing clip on earring converters that DO NOT HURT, I have been on the hunt for beauties to adorn my ears. I found these Lily Chiffon earrings extremely delicate and pretty, and they are a SERIOUS statement piece. I am talking dangling down to your shoulders like little chiffon jellyfish flowers. I am putting them on my list to purchase after I figure out what colours I want.

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