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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The Elements of Kate Middleton’s Looks

The elements of Kate Middleton’s looks, where I think only the first one of blazers & skinny pants applies to me. It’s my uniform too!


  • Kandice

    Do you find there to be a rare few women writing about this topic of breadwinning within traditional marriage or traditional partnership relationships, particularly where it is the woman who is the primary breadwinner? My husband and I have spent 98% of our marriage with me earning 3-4 times what he does. It’s not be an issue for us as a couple. We also don’t really discuss it outside of our little family unit either. I’ve always wondered how others address the very peculiar issues that apply in these sorts of scenarios. I do think it requires a very secure man with depth of character to support a driven, financially successful woman who many times leaves her spouse in the shadows of her recognition. Just interesting to think about.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Well first of all there are not many women who earn as much as you do to be the primary breadwinner. The ones who do, don’t talk about it because it may make their husbands feel bad, and it is not the thing to do.. possibly because it may seem not very womanly either to be the one bringing home the bacon.

      As someone who WAS the primary breadwinner for many years with boyfriends, I struggled with this, being both proud that I was such a good earner and being ashamed for not finding someone as my equal.. it’s very tricky. A good post topic though, I will make a note to talk about my experience.

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