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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


What I liked this week:



  • Sylvie

    You’re a terrible influence, I’m now a DVF consumer and have been eyeing a few Tes Baker pieces, too! The dress losted above looks chic in the photo, but I have the lace back to be a bit cheap looking in person. I do, however, love this season’s silk/cashmere blend ballerina wrap. Timeless and and flattering! Worth the steep price for something so versatile.

  • Tania

    I love DVF too but DVF doesn’t always love me (or more specifically my body type). I have found however the mini wrap dresses are a good fit. I like Kate Hudson’s style but the article didn’t have good pics IMO.. She has a bohemian 70’s inspired style, very much like her mother. Most of the icons you like are classic dressers (including Kate Moss – she appears rocker but if you look at her individual pieces, she is based in classic).I love your favorites too.Passed the literacy with flying colors. In regards to the concern over baby bun’s future status as a voracious reader, I grew up with very little money. We had all of the necessities but not much spending money. My mother took us to the library each Wednesday and we could get whatever we wanted. Bookstore once a week and our book allowance was either 4 comics or 1 book. We weren’t allowed to be “collectors”. She would make us purge our comics and books regularly. Both my sister and I grew up with a love of reading (& learning), an advanced reading level and read more than your average person.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      DvF is very lowcut. I have to wear a slip under all my DvF dresses but I do so love her wraps.

      Maybe I should start a company creating wrap dresses. The problem is the cost would be at a minimum $400 per dress unless I find a super cheap seamstress.

      Kate Moss is one of my icons!! I really like her style and she is as you said, classic but on the casual side, not preppy.

      Agreed about the library bit. I was not allowed to hoard books but I did go to the library weekly, and what’s odd is my parents never read a single book in front of me, so.. I didn’t pick it up from them. I just liked to escape.

  • Cassie

    I LOVE the shade of green on that Zoe dress! I haven’t bitten the bullet on one of her wrap dresses yet, but the dresses I do have are fantastic. I would consider ordering this one if my belly wasn’t mid-expansion at the moment.

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