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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Is Hustling Making us Happy?

1. Hustle .. harder?

Is our hustle culture making us unhappy rather than feeling accomplished?

2. Primp

This beauty serum is making the rounds because it makes foundation glide on smoother and look better without silicones. I am all about that if it works. I’m going to give it a shot after I get through all my serums.

3. Bagged

I briefly toyed with the idea of paying for undereye fillers to try and avoid having to wear concealer every time I leave the house so that people stop asking me if I am tired or sick.

4. Striped

This Club Monaco shirtdress in stripes is giving me all the feels right now and if you’re not into stripes, they have a beautiful crisp white number… along with this button-front dress that is such a flattering shape for so many body types.

5. Old Fashioned

What should you do when your partner has traditional views on money? Mine is thoroughly modern (50/50 and we are not tied to the idea of him being the ‘provider’), but I liked the response.

6. Skirted

I still find this Soho skirt from MM Lafleur the most versatile I’ve ever owned. I bought it when I was slimmer, I put on 20 pounds and it still fit beautifully, and draped like a dream. WINNER WINNER I say.

7. Growth

How to advance in your career without being a manager. I actually have never wanted to become a manager. Early on, I knew I did not enjoy managing (*cough* babysitting *cough*) people. I don’t mind leading people who are like me in terms of work ethic and willingness to be open, but in my experience not many are like that.

8. Queen

I started reading The Heretic Queen and I couldn’t put it down. I sometimes find biographies tedious but this one sucked me right in because it wasn’t just stating facts or talking about Nefertari’s life in a dry way – it was showing her life in a first-person point of view. FASCINATING. It truly sucked me in, I couldn’t stop reading until it was done.


  • Subakris

    I was so curious go see what serum it was. I received two deluxe samples of ILIA late last year and found it underwhelming. Nowhere close to drunk elephant/ Tatcha or SK-II.

    And I found the article on advancing career interesting. I have moved to different markets and become a SME but cant advance in my current company without getting reports because all managers and soemtimes even first level directors are thoroughly technical.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      REALLY! That’s disappointing. Maybe I’ll try SK-II now.

      Reports. Ugh. I honestly think that babysitting people professionally is something I do not want to partake in. It’s why I’ve stayed a consultant the whole time.

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