Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What Americans Say to Non-Americans that make ZERO sense

A gentle reminder:

Please remember this holiday season that maybe, people do not need another candle. They need money to pay their bills. ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT and LISTEN TO THEM. A memory, a hanging-out moment is worth more than buying them stuff. I would also posit to buy ONE high quality gift (or go half or even thirds with someone else), to give to someone instead of buying them 50 little crappy gifts they will end up tossing in the garbage, making its way to landfills.

I would for instance, rather someone buy me the AirPods I wanted, than cheap faux AirPods that look like the real thing but aren’t at all. It just isn’t worth the money, I would rather you buy nothing at all than to give me something I didn’t want in the first place.

When in doubt, give food. Mostly everyone likes candy and treats of some sort (taking their health into account of course).

1. Senseless

I found this article revealing in the sense that I say a lot of these things too but never realized how senseless they sound to others. Like saying “of course”, to someone when they say “thank you”. I always thought it wasn’t that rude, because when I say “no problem” or “of course”, I am not diminishing the thank you or trying to brush it off, I am saying – of COURSE I would have done it for you, no problem at all, I was happy to help, just as you were happy to receive my help and thank me.

It’s quite enlightening.

Or “whenever” to mean “when”. It never bothered me but now I am rethinking why I say “whenever” instead of “when” you get the time… I think it is meant to be more polite. I say instead of “WHEN you get the time”, I say “WHENEVER you get the time”, meaning – no rush, no urgency, it is on YOUR schedule, it is when YOU get the time to do this favour for me.

2. Spitfire

…well, hopefully not. I picked up this handheld Kexi steamer that is double-walled and promises to be SPIT FREE. My old steamer has been really on the fritz, and it spat so much hot water at me the last time, and wet my clothes as I was steaming them. So this, plus that it can be a travel steamer, and a travel iron (the front part is an iron as well). For a short period of time, it is 25% off with a coupon.

3. Powerful

Paulina Porizkova on taking back her image and face at 52. I liked her the best as a judge even on America’s Next Top model, and what she’s talking about is how between the standards of being J. Lo and Betty White, there is a big gaping hole for older women to exist in. It is like after a certain age we turn invisible. And if you look exceptionally young at your age, it is either good genes/luck, or you have had some (or a lot) of work done, OR you simply have a lot of money to be able to look like that (plant-based chef on call, trainers, no stress about anything). It is an excellent watch:

I loved how she said: “Women disappear from consciousness when they age out of being f*ckable.” I am paraphrasing but she nailed it with this.

4. Attached

Hold on to your kids is a truly useful book I just finished this week. It has relieved so much of my own personal angst and guilt that Little Bun is not happy or socialized properly. He is perfectly fine. Even better than fine, and I think forcing peer-orientated upbringing, seems to lead to more trouble than not. I really recommend this book.

5. Bookworm

I have never heard of Ronald McNair, but he needs a biography made on him. He is simply amazing. As a young black boy, he refused to leave the library because they said black children had no place in there. CAN YOU IMAGINE. And he ended up becoming an astronaut.

6. Draped

This is a great deal for an MM Lafleur striped draped skirt from Nordstrom, that fits like a dream. I own this skirt 4 times, and it works so well with even just a basic blouse or tee, and it is stretchy so it is comfy, and the front is draped so you don’t feel like you’re bulging in front as it hides it. It’s just SO WELL DONE.

7. $1M

This is why money can solve a lot of problems – this man spends $1M over a decade so that his wife can stay at home, who has dementia. It also talks about long-term homes, the care of the elderly.. it’s truly a topic I am currently struggling with.

Here’s the paragraph that interested me:


Care is costly, and too few people plan for those costs. A spot in a long-term care home can range from $2,000 to $15,000 monthly. That only gives you about three hours of hands-on care daily, so many families supplement it with services from home care workers who come to the long-term care home. Home care costs can add up quickly as a person’s health deteriorates. In my book, I wrote about one man who spent more than $1-million on home care services over a decade to keep his wife at home as she lived with dementia, much of it back-loaded in the last couple of years. In the grand scheme of things, retrofitting is a relatively minor cost; it’s labour costs that add up. Both options, LTC and home care, also require a lot of time commitment on the part of family members; the bulk of care is provided by unpaid family caregivers.


8. Cosy

I am looking for a blanket to cuddle up in. Another one that is. I already have a great wool one, but I want a cashmere throw now, for wrapping around my neck and upper half without being swaddled in something thick. This looks like it fits the bill. I will obviously get the cream or ivory coloured one for sure, or grey…!! It looks great and cosy. And they also likely never go on sale as it’s silk or cashmere.

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