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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The Differences between a Hobby, Job, Career, Vocation

1. Hobby, Job, Career, Vacation

Elizabeth Gilbert lays it out of what it means to have a hobby, job, career and a vocation. I think these days, we are all mixed up and we think our hobbies should be our jobs, or our callings, or everything at once. I don’t believe that at all. I believe we can have hobbies (some happen to make money), jobs that pay bills and so on. EXCELLENT video worth watching. I happen to have a job that is also my career, so I am very lucky.

2. Caped Avenger

I am thisclose to buying this caped blazer jacket because ever since I have seen caped blazer jackets on people, about 3 years ago, I have coveted one quite badly. This one is around $500, in a light grey, with a tie in the middle and it is divine. Very similar to this vibe:

3. Just Ducky

I dare you to watch this and not “awww” at the end.

4. Con Man

The story of this clearly unhinged, psychopathic con man, struck a chill in my heart.

5. Detached

I’ve added this coat to my future wish list, as you can remove the sleeves to make it a short-sleeve coat, or wear it as if it’s a long duster wrap coat.

6. Envy

How to be a writer and still get really really rich” is an interesting article about being unapologetic about being rich. This particular line irked me though:

The guy who was selling me the Porsche looked at [the amount] and then at my husband and said, “Is that right?” My husband goes, “That’s right.” We love telling that story. He was so proud of me in that moment.

Why the f#%k did he have to look at her HUSBAND to confirm the amount was right? Wasn’t her word good enough? Triggered.

(For the record, everyone assumes my car is purchased jointly by my family, and not at all that I alone paid it, and my partner paid $0 towards it.)

7. Hat trick

If you are interested in a great winter hat, may I suggest felt? These fedora hats look so chic with outfits, I am sad I won’t get to wear mine this year.

8. Own it

By the way, Knoll who wrote that article above #6 – Envy – she also wrote a piece about wanting to be rich and not apologizing for it.

a guy friend from college believed he was complimenting me by musing, “Who would have thought Jess Knoll would have been the success story from our class?”

Who would have thought? Me. I did.

I am starting to like her more and more, and will now read her book – Luckiest Girl Alive.


  • Anne

    Thank you for sharing the Elisabeth Gilbert video. It made me understand why I never pursued a career in writing. I like writing, I’m good at it, I’ve even made some extra money by writing. But since it is not my vocation, I never felt like I could leave my reasonably well-paid job that I like and risk failing at a writing career – because then I might have to take another job that I don’t like or doesn’t pay as well or leave me time for my vocation, which, I think, is learning new things (not sure it can be called a vocation, but I’m passionate about it and I’ll never stop being curious and using considerable amounts of time to studying). Even though my vocation cannot be made in to a career, it is beneficial for my current job, where I also can learn new things, at times. So I just realised that I can stop feeling guilty about not doing more for my writing or about not treating my job as a career. I can keep writing as a hobby, and as an extra job, and instead of putting time and energy into a career, enjoy my vocation.

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