Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where women CEOs are vilified for simply being… bosses

1. Devilish

Why are women CEOs are being lambasted for basically doing their jobs and running their business… like a business? We don’t have to like them; the author makes a great point that we hold women CEOs to a much MUCH higher standard than male ones because they’re so few and far between. In fact, even mothers are held to a higher standard than fathers.

Everything is centered around condemning women for what they do, and what they don’t do.

2. At the bar

I have switched over to shampoo bars, but was having trouble finding a good conditioner bar until I came across Ethique, so I bought this one. My shampoo bar I am trying out so far, is this one. I’d like to try a few of them before I really recommend any, but so far, so good.

3. Discovery

Do you really know who your partner’s work persona is? Mine is “let’s table this and discuss it later”!! Read the thread for hilarious responses.

4. Socked

Does anyone do deep moisturizing at night? Because I do for my hands and feet, and I finally caved and bought these hideous silicone sock things so that this amazing foot cream I use doesn’t soak into my cotton socks (and I feel), do ZERO moisturizing at night. For under $20, I am willing to give this a try.

5. Restorative

This Chanel bag cleaning video is extremely satisfying to watch. It went from slightly dingy and dirty to looking like a new bag all over again.

6. Styled

I have Isaac Mizrahi’s book on Style on my wishlist to buy as a paperback option later on because it came so highly recommended by a reader who loved how he took real-life examples of women and styled them for the book. <3 This is the kind of thing I love!!!

7. Public Transportation

You think you have it bad? Watch how travellers do it in the Congo and you’ll never ever complain about transportation in Canada or the U.S. again.

8. Gold Standard

I have caved and will start doing pedicures at home. I have heard a billion good things about tenoverten’s foundation & shield coats, as well as their polish which will be coming in the mail soon.

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