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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: On how Financial Independence is “making poverty fashionable to millennials”

1. R U 4 real?

(Okay so I don’t really talk like that or type like that because it takes as much effort to type “u” for “you” and looks far better.) HOWEVER!.. this article: “Making poverty fashionable to millennials” had made ‘headlines’ in the small little money community that exists online.

I wasn’t really triggered by the article because I can see how some aspects of what “financial independence / retire early” (FIRE) can seem like depriving yourself and making it seem cool (?) to wear, live, buy and eat crap all in the name of saving a dollar… however, while some people are miserable AF doing it (I am not in any frugal group, for the record, in case you’re new to this blog), I can see that people are motivated to actually do it because they see the end result.

My bottom line is: Financial independence is all about achieving a level of freedom and control over your own life in whatever way you deem is acceptable to your way of life. The only minor criticism I’d have, is that peopled who are hyper-focused on this, only look at the price tag as an indicator of what they buy or don’t, and not at how the item/service could bring them an overall better quality of life and/or not ruin the environment by being disposable / one-time use. Just a minor gripe I have. It’s one thing to not have any money at all (true poverty, which by the way is not to be mocked), it’s another to decide to buy one-time use items to save $1.

2. Polished

I am starting to get into nailpolishes now. And of course, I am nervous about stuff with lots of chemicals in it, only because our nails are porous and better safe than sorry, I say even if the amounts that would seep into my body via my nails, would be VERY MINIMAL to affect anything, why even take the chance? As a result, I’ve discovered Zoya nail polishes and their insanely wide range, and am very pleased thus far. This quad of neutrals looks promising, as does this quad of bright pinks and reds.

3. Twitch twitch

Okay, for something that actually did trigger me, why the hell do we have posts like “10 Types of Women Men Won’t Marry“? Is marriage and finding your partner the only key to happiness for a woman? I mean, I am with someone I love, but that doesn’t mean I was looking to spend my life with someone and without him, I would feel UNFULFILLED AS A WOMAN.


Even worse, the author wrote: “10 Types of Men Who Won’t Marry You” which is just as bloody sexist as her first article. It’s all based around the WOMAN needing to get married, therefore there is either something wrong with you, or the men with whom you are dating (did I use ‘whom’ correctly there? I never know but it sounded right)… and there’s NOTHING about “10 Types of Women who Won’t Marry You”, or an equivalent, sexist article for men to peruse.

Why? Because men don’t see marriage and/or children as their end goals to have been ‘fulfilled’ in life. They’re perfectly fine as bachelors in society. That’s why. /angry

4. Bauble

This necklace looks like a Baublebar knockoff, or at least, very close to the one I paid over $50 secondhand for. I love a really good statement piece with layers, and this one makes me grow hearts in my eyes as it’s perfect for a V-neck or a more open neckline, or even over a tee to give it an edge.

5. Pyramid Schemes

This is one of the most heartbreaking articles I have ever read in my life: MLM Pyramid Scheme Targets Women. It preys on women who are desperate for flexible, work from home jobs because of childcare requirements. Before you say it, YES. I AM ALSO TRIGGERED that women are expected to do 99% of the work in society for childcare and home and men have zero obligations or difficult ‘needs’ to have flexible work times or part-time schedules so that they too, can stay at home and burp the baby.

It sounds like financial freedom to many women, and that’s what lures them in. A follow-up and equally painful, but necessary video to watch on this is: Why Women are Quitting Their Side Hustles

Please do take the time to watch the videos if you can. It will make you have an even greater resolve to fine tune your BS meter (when things sound too good to be true, they are), and to really take TRUE financial independence seriously.

6. Pigged Out

I bought another pack of these Teapigs Liquorice tea bags, because I love how naturally sweet it is (seriously, no sugar added), and how refreshing the mint is. I stopped adding sugar in my tea years ago, in an attempt to be healthier and to not trigger any diabetes, as it runs in my family. I still love cake and sweets but I am FAR MORE MODERATE than I was in my teens when I woke up with a Coca-Cola every morning and a Mars Bar for breakfast. *hangs head in shame* The tea, tastes NOTHING like liquorice (I hate the taste of it), and all I taste is “SWEET”! But naturally.

7. YouTuber

Planning on making my millions off this as an influencer. LOL … Just kidding. But for real, I did start up a YouTube channel @saverspender and it took me a while to think about what I wanted to do as videos on my channel. I’ve decided to post mostly Style videos, and have committed to posting a new one every Thursday.

This is my Small Closet Update

And this one is looking into how designer pieces are made:

Please consider subscribing as I need 1000 people to get a custom URL for the channel. I am at 33 people (YAY!!) which is 32 more than I expected (my one friend who knows about this account clearly had to subscribe to me regardless) LOL….

8. Miked Up

Speaking of YouTube videos, I bought this Professional Grade (it wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t breaking the bank), Lavalier microphone to use with my iPhone XS Max for when I film my YouTube videos. The audio isn’t awful, but awful doesn’t mean decent, even after I spend time modifying the video and editing it. If you also need to have an adapter for your iPhone because it no longer comes with a headphone jack (I know, WTF)… you have to buy this 3.5mm adapter that changes your charging port into a headphone jack.

Anyway, I bought both. Will report back, or you can tell me the marked difference (if any) in the audio quality in my Youtube videos.


  • Jen

    I’m finally catching up with blog reading again. Thank you for the MLM posts. I have a number of clients who were stay at home moms being ejected from long-term marriages and, with rusty resumes and settlement money, they are drawn to these organizations like bees to honey. I wish they’d take that money and energy and launch their own businesses. I’m looking forward to reading more from you now that I’m coming up for air from a busy work season! Always enjoy your posts.

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