Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What men in power should learn from women

Psst! I was on a podcast with my friend Jordan of Make More Capital if you want to hear me ramble on about nonsense…

1. Empowered

7 leadership skills men could learn from women. Thoughts? I read through them and I recognized myself in a few such as giving praise / credit to the team and not to myself, and not being a braggart at work over every little thing that I do.

2. Stacked

I have been thinking about redoing my closet, and I picked up these 4 organizing boxes because they’re magnetic enclosures (velcro loses stickiness over time), they have a clear window so I can see what’s inside without having to open it, and they open from the front rather than needing a lid on top, which is perfect for my closet shelves.

3. TP’ed

I still don’t get why people hoarded toilet paper, and why they’re hoarding guns in the U.S. This article attempts to explain at least the rationality of the former.

4. Balmy

I fell in love with Aesop when I was in NYC last, and picked up their Aesop Replenish hand balm to stick on my office desk so I could periodically replenish. It smells heavenly, and is as natural as well.

5. Inventive

I enjoyed reading 30 Inventions that are Borderline Genius & Crazy… I still think the tires are a cool idea for a car!

6. Glowing

I am eying this beautiful West Elm globe lamp to add a little chic flair to my office, and to add more of a glow so that I feel less depressed while working because I can eye something beautiful. If you are looking for a floor lamp, I am in love with this one.

7. Homestead

I liked Tim’s list of things on how to be happy at home. I have followed the list loosely as well, and found it helpful.

8. Bedded

I am working in bed a lot more often, reading, writing, taking conference calls, and just hanging out while Little Bun watches videos or reads, and this Winsome Alden Bed Tray looks like just what I need (the laptop is at an awkward level on my lap), so I need something that will elevate and still store things for when I need it.

Oh.. and a small plug: I made it to Healthline’s Best Minimalist Blog 2020

Please note – I am minimalist for everything but my style. That’s where I really go all out, but for most other things, I don’t have that much (furniture, decor, tchotckes, plants, etc)… and we keep it simple.

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