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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where working is revered and relaxing, reviled

Kate Middleton? She’s just like us normal Mothers, trying to keep it together in the face of the public eye, although hers has been recorded for posterity. I have made that face a number of times before at Baby Bun. That boy is basically giving the camera the finger (British version)… you learn something new everyday, and I will NOT be making that gesture now (not that I ever did).

I’ve said it and I will say it again, this mattifying primer has saved my life. I don’t really have oily skin any more, but when you slather on SPF andThis stuff? MAGIC your foundation, your skin tends to turn into an oil slick by noon.

I loved this post by Revanche about choosing what to do with your minutes in life. Plus, <3 the new blog look. I choose all the time, I can’t do it all. I prioritize Baby Bun and my partner over almost everything (and family), then work (because of the money) comes next, then it’s the blog, and then it’s my own personal time. Or is that my personal time is mixed into blog time? Who knows.

I hate this work culture of having to put in more than 8 hours of work a day and being praised for it. I am all for working hard, and am no slacker, but being a workaholic should be treated like the  disease that it is, not some goal to look up to.

I tried out this liquid (pen/brush) eyeliner in-store and was impressed by how much like a marker it felt (for us beauty dumbasses of course, who can’t manage to draw a straight or even line). I have been veering away from pencil eyeliners as of late because they migrate down (oily eyelids) but also because I can put a very fine, thin, barely-there line that looks more natural. Once I’m done my stash, I’m giving this eyeliner a shot.

Tim is retiring early. His wife? Well this is what she’s going to do.

I wish I could wear halter dresses. I’d be all over this gorgeous dandelion yellow one.

I have shamed (I’ve since stopped!) and I have been shamed as a mother. How come my partner never gets this kind of flack? Why are women just so darn mean to each other?

I have sworn off heels for my current project because they tap and make too much noise in the office. No other woman wears noisy shoes so I am sticking to quiet ones, which means… FLATS. I am now eyeing a few pairs to add to my wardrobe for fun, namely this pair with its cute knotted detail and this one although I feel like it would be too whimsical for work. OH and this one is by Dr. Scholl’s which I feel would be SUPER comfy.

What was your savings rate in previous years? Mine was terrible in 2016, and I suspect 2017 will not be any better with my lack of work at the start and the outlay of $$$$$ I had to spend to help family.

You guys!! I discovered this hair towel made in South Korea and am in love now. I have longish hair (just past the shoulders which I cut myself for free, btw), and reader Kandice said she loved hers, so I bought this exact one. It has basically dried my hair to the point where it is just slightly damp in about 20 minutes of having wrapped my hair up. I’ve significantly cut down on drying time and no longer sleep or leave the house with wet hair.

The joy of having boys. When I became pregnant, I wanted a boy and a girl in equal amounts of desire. I knew whoever I ended up with as my Baby Bun, he/she would have been the child I have always wanted. I never wanted a girl, or a boy, or had to have a specific desire for either, the way some parents have. I just knew they would be MY baby, and would do the things I loved no matter what — read, eat (lol), and play silly games.



  • Kandice

    Yay! So glad you like your hair towel! It’s also great to have an extra to take out with you when it’s raining (to wipe down wet seats or other surfaces).

  • livingalmostlarge

    I’ve been shamed by my mom that I have to work because I am a non-contributing member to society.

  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    I have zero patience or time for people shaming women like in that mean mommy post. It’s tiresome, loathsome behavior that’s got nothing to do with caring about the kids in question. I have family who would gossip like mad and spread rumors they fabricated whole cloth under the guise of pretending to care about the state of my relationships. So done with that nonsense.

    And Just Say No to workaholism! There’s more to life than work!

  • SarahN

    Like the Dr Scholls but NO to the taxi cab shoes

    I enjoyed the mean mommy post. I find without kids, I shouldn’t say anything, ever! I do, but always 100% positive or supportive.

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