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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The Ugly Side of Getting Rich – Generation Wealth

This is the Ugly Side of Getting Rich, talking about the new book called Generation Wealth. You get nose jobs as 18th birthday presents and you’re just looking to one up each other all the time because wealth is just a dangerous addiction.

If anyone is interested in wearing NYC on their hand, may I suggest this ring? Yes, I am totally lusting after it.

In China, you can pay $16,000 a week if you want, to learn how to be rich when you are rich but are lacking in etiquette and pronunciation of words like “foie gras” and “Louboutin

Speaking of wearing cities on hands, this gorgeous ring also has the cut out of the world in gunmetal, silver and gold.

Are you rich? You’re probably looking for a deal as much as someone who isn’t. Why is this a surprise to anyone? Even rich people like deals and sales, only people who have a false sense of pride and are insecure in their own wealth, would turn down a good deal.

I saw this shirtdress with a scalloped hem under $100 and almost bought it before I checked myself.

Do Millennial men just want stay at home wives? Apparently the younger men do.

This may be TMI for a lot of you, but if you are sick of pads, tampons and pantyliners, may I introduce you to Thinx? I just ordered 7 pairs of their Beige Cheeky panties (no panty lines). I will do a review on them later for sure, but I am getting sick of pantyliners shifting and not doing their job. I am just going to wear these along with my Diva Cup. If you use my referral link here, you get $10 off, and they DO ship internationally.

EVERYONE! This mattifying primer cream is my new holy grail. It has no silicones AND IT WORKS. I spread it on the oily zones on my face (a very tiny tiny amount), and it has kept my skin matte and shine-free THE ENTIRE DAY. O_o

The desperate journey of a trafficked girl, forced into the sex trade

I walked so much in the past 2 weeks to get everything prepped and done that I started to get blisters. I just pulled out this blister block and I came home with NARY a piece of broken skin.

THANKS FOR THE LINK LOVE <3 featured me as a blogger who nailed $60K of debt in 18 months. Thanks! Yeah, I agree that not what I did would work for everyone, but the main takeaway for debt is to increase income as much as possible and spend as little as you can to eliminate the debt ASAP.

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