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The Diva Cup Review: Few years later and counting

Men, boys, ignore this post.

This is for the women and for women in your life today.

So I bought the Diva Cup a long while ago and wrote about it on my old blog and a reader asked me to update my thoughts on having used it for a while now, and let her know whether it was still as awesome as the first day I bought it.

My answer? Yes. Why yes it is.

That’s my whole answer.

I will never go back to using pads or tampons again. I don’t want to.

It’s been years now, and I can’t imagine the pain (dry cotton on dry… if you get my drift) I used to sometimes experience on my lighter flow days, not to mention how much better I feel about it being a more environmentally-friendly option (plus you don’t see the rather nauseating waste in the trash bins any longer).

The only time I will think about using pads now is when I really need to and I am sensitive, as in right after giving birth and knowing that fluids will continue to leak out of me postpartum.


The one thing I would recommend NOT doing, is cutting the stem at the end to shorten it.

For some women, you MAY need to shorten it because it’s too long, but for me, I cut it without testing it, and realized it was too short, and there were a few times where I was getting frustrated and couldn’t get a grip on it to pull it out because it was so short.


I haven’t purchased this item yet, but I’d recommend using The Keeper¬†(why do these names suck?) instead which is a natural rubber, rather than The Diva Cup¬†which is silicone; but if you aren’t freaked out by silicone and “unnatural” stuff or you are just plain allergic to rubber, the Diva Cup has been great.



The ONLY downside to using these “moon cups” (ick, what a dumb name), is that if you have a very heavy flow, then you need to empty the cup more often and it gets.. er.. messy if you don’t have a private bathroom to use.

You need to wash your hands and the cup out before, during and after, so that’s my only downside.

My solution to this is just to empty it right before I leave for work, and empty it the minute I come back, taking the risk that I will leak.

Or.. just find a bathroom that is empty (handicap bathrooms are great for this) so you can do the emptying in private.

Otherwise, I highly recommend “mooncups” in general, especially if you have already been thinking about using them.

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