Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where this couple is cooking the signature dish from every country in the world

Barack Obama’s bachelor pad in Brooklyn. Need I say more? The kitchen is AMAZING, and that alone, has sold me. Love the entire look of it.

I love the look of this wristlet, which looks small enough to be a wallet and yet hold everything compactly.

This couple started a blog cooking signature meals from every single country in the world, and said on my favourite (now defunct) podcast America’s Test Kitchen that pomegranate molasses was the #1 thing they would buy forever to spice up any dish.

Under $80, cute AND will stay on your feet? Sign me up for these sandals.

Believe. Probably one of the best non-political, and yet very political cartoons I have read in a long time, beautifully illustrated by Matthew of The Oatmeal. Everyone needs to read it.

Have I mentioned how I may need to sell my Burberry US 4 (PERFECT) trench because it doesn’t fit my shoulders any more? Le sigh. It does however mean that I am currently lusting after this coat to replace it, although I kind of want it in this colour.

What to say to that dreaded interview question: What is your weakness? I never know what to say, it’s a dumb question to ask. Ask me what my mistake was and how I fixed it, instead.

This belt is WAY out of my price range for a dang belt, and it kind of reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would have worn in Sex & the City, but it is just so pretty. A much more affordable $25 option is this one. I own this under $100 option and love the quality of her work.

LOL. My 8-month old son’s iPhone calendar. My Baby Bun’s would be constant whining and crying during the night lately for the past 2 weeks, every 2 hours, asking for “Mik! Mik! Mik!” (Milk). We are NOT regressing back to that option where he thinks eating at night is an option.

People seem to be enamoured with these slide sandals these days but they just look like a dressier flip flop to me. What do we think?

I get biased comments all the time in the workplace, it is so common in my field it isn’t funny. This is how to respond to them, but don’t forget to also stand up for others who may be too shocked/shy to do it for themselves.

I own this perfect metallic tote bag in linen (independently made), and it has fast become my go-to errand bag, as it adds something to every outfit I wear without being too much of a statement.

The Ultimatum. I loved and hated this post. Sometimes, you need to lay down the gauntlet and stop enabling those around you. Trust me, I know how it feels. It is like ripping your own heart out. It is also a good post to read to underline why people who make a high income can be so dumb and unable to manage their money.

I do know that the rose gold 3D lace detail on this watch intrigues me. WHY. I am now starting to see watches as a real (practical) accessory these days.

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