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Will I ever fit back into my old, smaller clothes again? A wardrobe dilemma.

I am really struggling with my wardrobe right now.

Let’s be clear that I DO NOT HATE my new body.

I like that I have a little more curves where I didn’t before (butt, thighs), and I’ve understood that after having Baby Bun, all my favourite coats are tight across the shoulders and I can’t do anything about that (expanded about an inch).

I am barely squeezing into this blazer:

I also have TONS of things to wear even with my body not being quite what it was a year ago when I stopped working (umm.. for some really WEIRD reason all the cakes and pastries I have been indulging with *cough* not to mention all the rich cheeses at night, have slowly finally taken a toll on my body in a few extra pounds over the year).

…but I really am struggling right now with what to do.

Should I try and lose the weight to get back into my favourite clothes, such as this skirt?

I have a perfect wardrobe for my body and style. That’s the conundrum.

I love the prints I have, the styles, the tailoring is impeccable to my previous body.

It took me SO LONG to get to this wardrobe, from picking out pieces here and there over time, and culling, that I just would feel so defeated if I had to start over again.

Not to mention not wanting to spend money on it either.

I am in a transitional wardrobe, it seems.

I have at least a few pants to tide me over, wrap dresses and so on, so that’s where we’re at.

I have decided to do this one thing:


I won’t make any rash decisions right now.

I plan on just seeing whether or not I lose the weight in a year, or if I stick to having this new body of mine and having to dress for it.

In a year (mark this post!) I’m going to go through and cull my wardrobe to get rid of the too-tight skirts and either re-sell them if they’re designer brands, or just gift them.

It seems like the only thing to do.

That, and to buy only really blousy, loose items and belt them.

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  • yettie

    Welcome to the conundrum of the post-baby body. 🙂 Waiting a year is definitely a good thing because I’ve read (and it’s been my experience) that the body takes that long to return to a semblance of it’s pre-baby condition. For instance, your ribcage expands with pregnancy and slowly shrinks back after birth. For me, it was almost 3 years before my chest contracted back to the size where I could wear my old bras.

    I did eventually return to my pre-baby weight but even then, my body shape stayed different – “things” had moved around. I could fit into my old lowrise pants but I had to give up my tops permanently. My arms and waist ain’t what they used to be

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