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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The average net worth of millennials by age

So I am an older millennial but one, nonetheless. I liked this chart on the average net worth of them by age. It even has average salaries and average savings rates, all of which are pretty low in my cohort, but as the millennials get younger, they’re saving up to even 8.1% which is incredible.

I LIVE in this MM Lafleur Soho Skirt. I honestly feel like this skirt is so underrated, especially if you just think of it as a plain pencil skirt (which it isn’t). Especially if you wear it with this gorgeous MM Lafleur Blixen Top that makes it look like a full outfit.

…and here is how millennials feel about retirement and their plans via Twitter. Brace yourselves.

I have never wanted a sweater as much as this one and it is on SALE. Taupe, bishop sleeves, a tie at the back… GASP.

I love reading articles like this – Women want to be rich and they aren’t sorry about it. GET IT! I’m definitely in this category, but not willing to give up all luxuries for the end goal.

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And yet another pink tax – the real cost of not wearing makeup to the office for women.


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