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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Why are rich people such a**holes?

Truth: Rich people generally don’t tend to be known for being generous or kind. But why? Long story short, I can see some merits to what the article is saying – isolating yourself with your wealth in your big house, in your nice car, not having to interact with the hoi polloi really starts to make you feel separated from ‘the masses’, and you can’t empathize any longer because you no longer relate to them. You don’t ‘feel’ their pain when you see them.

Over the years, I have gotten used to the idea of a poncho of some sort, and this cashmere turtleneck poncho is perfect. It is a scarf (the turtleneck), the poncho section is open for your arms, and you can wear long-sleeved anything underneath it.

Speaking of rich people, women are struggling to find partners whom they consider equals. I, one hundred percent see this in my single friends. They can’t find anyone on their level who also wants to treat them like a career equal. Most men who are their financial/career equals, tend to want women who are willing to stay at home, give up THEIR careers and lives and raise their children. My one friend is totally not on board with that, and as a result, is still single.

If I ever became single, I’d be single forever, I think.

I’d never find anyone because as you get older, you become more set in your ways, less open to a lifestyle you may not have considered as difficult when you were younger and less flush. Living with roommates? I can’t do that, and I won’t unless it is a very close friend and we enjoy being together so often that we both end up moving in with each other in our old age.

If you are into leopard prints, I think this Cupcakes & Cashmere leopard coat (faux of course) is the first that doesn’t make me think: COUGAR immediately.

Lastly – how many Americans are considered upper class? 19% apparently. The median earns $187,872 in 2016, and some family stats:

  • Household of one: Minimum of $78,281 to be upper-class
  • Household of two: Minimum of $110,706 to be upper-class
  • Household of three: Minimum of $135,586 to be upper-class
  • Household of four: Minimum of $156,561 to be upper-class
  • Household of five: Minimum of $175,041 to be upper-class

I have been trying very hard to find another trench coat to replace my Burberry one. I would ideally like a Burberry one, but in my size, in the colour and length I want.. it sounds like a unicorn. As a result, I am eying outside of my Burberry zone, and found this MM Lafleur Trench that is cheaper and looks just as nice. It is wool, so it is softer and flowy, but just as pretty…

To restore your faith in humanity, this girl Karri Carberry signed the lyrics of a Three Days Grace concert for her deaf father Darrin. How lovely, and wonderful is this? He can’t hear the music but enjoys it nonetheless which is just.. <3

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