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Do you have unclaimed money lying around somewhere?

At the end of last year, the Bank of Canada was holding approximately 1.8 million unclaimed balances worth $678 million.


“The biggest balance we have on our banks right now is about $800,000,” said the Bank of Canada’s Josianne Menard.



Oh please please let it be my name…!! 😛

(Sadly it wasn’t.)

But maybe it’s yours?

Canadians: Use this Bank of Canada Unclaimed Balances Portal to search for your name. Easy peasy.

Americans: You have less of an easier time to find out if you have unclaimed funds, so read this.

Basically in your state, search for “UNCLAIMED FUNDS” or “UNCLAIMED MONEY” or “UNCLAIMED BALANCE” … and get searching.

If you don’t claim the money?

It is donated to the country.

GO AND CHECK PLEASE! Report back if you find anything. I love hearing these stories.

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