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Do you have unclaimed money lying around somewhere?

At the end of last year, the Bank of Canada was holding approximately 1.8 million unclaimed balances worth $678 million. O_o “The biggest balance we […]

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Canadians: TD Free $300 (until September 20 2019) and 10% Cashback credit card promotion

Want $300 for free? Valid only until September 20 2019 If you don’t already have a TD Chequing account, sign up for one. Details here. […]

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Referral key: $50 when you use 32726976S1 to sign up for a savings, TFSA or RSP account

Live in Canada? Get $50 for free and earn 2.5% just by opening a free bank account with Tangerine

Use my referral key: 32726976S1   You will get $50 for opening the account if you fund it with at least $100 CAD (and I […]

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I don’t say no to free money

Then again, who does, right? If someone came up to you and said: Hey, here’s $20 for free! Enjoy! You’d take it, right?* *Unless you […]

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