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Ask Sherry: How did I get my list of Dividend Stocks for my Dividend Project?

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I love your Dividend Project and your short list. I’m Canadian, but live in Australia, and I’d like to start my own project, but have no idea where to start. What are the steps you took to get you to the shortlist?

I started with these lists:

… and then used The Globe and Mail to research each dividend stock and to read up on them, look at their financials.

I also go onto money forums, and I read with the tag “dividends” to see if I can see stocks outside of those on these above lists.

For Australia, you could try bloggers in Australia, or failing that, go through an Australian stock index fund list, and check each one individually for their dividend yields.

That’s the long, hard way, but if you can find an Australian blogger, it would probably cut down on your work significantly.

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