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Ask Sherry: What do I invest in?

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What is your asset allocation, and is it the same for all of your accounts? (TFSA, cash)

I no longer give personal details/updates but this is what I will say (I am assuming when you say “asset allocation” you are not talking about my house + investments, but just investments):

  • I invest in these major markets in this order of majority held: U.S., Canada, Europe, Australasia, Emerging
  • No bonds for now, I would rather keep it in cash in a high interest savings account instead and go 100% risk
  • I do a 50/50 strategy of 50% dividend stocks and 50% index funds as I am trying to build a dividend income to use as passive living
  • I generally do not put more than $1000 – $5000 into any one stock because … diversity.
  • I don’t keep high cash reserves any longer because I invest it all, I just have enough for emergencies
  • There are a few stocks I have that I took a gamble on and while one paid off, the others did not, and I am waiting to see what happens to them in the next 3 years before I divest

It is not the same allocation for all of my accounts (?), because I follow this tax efficient strategy, but I am not sure I understand the question because cash is not an account. Do you mean the percentage of cash in my TFSA versus RRSP? In that case, I can tell you that none of my investing accounts hold cash, and if they do, it’s very little. I try to aim to allocate every single penny because when it sits there idly, it isn’t doing anything for me.

I am also keeping estate planning in mind (small update here), for the future, which means I try to keep my TFSA stocked.

If you were asking for actual details on stocks/funds:

For dividend stocks I invest in, I am going to do a post on dividend stocks in the coming weeks where you can do your own research to see what could be interesting for you.

For funds I invest in, it’s all from Vanguard. $CAD funds are from Vanguard Canada, and $USD funds are from Vanguard.

Where did you get the lamp in “ A cozy vignette” please?

Please give more info. A link, an image link.. anything. Thanks!

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