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Ask Sherry: How to begin investing

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I am very eager to self-invest, based out of Canada. I read your blog and other sites like Morning Star and Investing 101. But it seems too overwhelming. What and where should I start with? Your twenty cents for beginners like me?? Thanks a bunch already for your inputs, appreciate it!!!

You can start here: Investing Series. I wrote a whole bunch of posts on investing.

If you are truly interested in INDIVIDUAL do it yourself investing like buying ETFs and so on, you should sign up for a brokerage account so you can buy and trade.

You have them offered through banks (I went through the list of Canadian banks and discount brokerages), and the cheapest one is Questrade

I also wrote a book that basically tells you exactly what to do for Canadians.

Step by step, with screenshots and what it all means:

Investing Like a Boss: Canadian Edition


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