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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Ridiculous divorce cases, and teaching children how to read..


These.. are some of the MOST ridiculous divorce cases lawyers have seen. They are really.. eye opening.


Could I… be someone who could wear this rather expensive silk jumpsuit and rock it? It looks FANTASTIC. But would I really get a ton of use out of it? Maybe? Maybe not. It is hard to say until I have it and try it.


This is what’s wrong with the way schools are now teaching how to read. I was surprised reading this, now that I am invested in this homeschooling business. This is how I teach Little Bun for homeschooling, and he was reading and doing math by 3 years old with these methods I made up on my own.

OF COURSE, it is also him as well, but I would like to take some credit for starting early and helping him get on the right path, plus keeping him on there without being overbearing or micromanage-y.

But I had no idea schools were using these methods to teach kids. I guess any method can work, but you have to try a myriad of them right? At least try the basics of phonics, and so on, which I am told is no longer in vogue, to help kids sound out words…. I am confused because that is how I learned and it worked for me, but I suppose they’re trying modern techniques.

On that topic, I also found this video of a former teacher about how she tried so hard to teach Gen Z to read, quite prophetic / telling of what is to come, if this is the next generation being raised.


These melamine sponges will get rid of all sorts of dirt and stains. It is a fantastic product for stubborn stains that do not otherwise come out. It isn’t abrasive, and you can keep reusing it.


.. or at least trying to. This is a homeowner (landlord)’s WORST NIGHTMARE. I read it, and completely had my face in shock. It is predatory, what this man is doing, and I am sure others just like him. Predatory for the landlord, and the subsequent tenants. I am really amazed.


I love this rug. The colours are beautiful, they are sure to brighten up any neutral room or bring a colourful room together. It looks like Diwali in a rug, beautiful and fresh.


PFAs are toxic, and here is how to avoid them. At least, the best you can. They are in everything from fast food wrappers to cosmetics, carpets, and takeout containers. It is frustrating because it could be regulated and it isn’t. This is the world we are handing to our kids, and poisoning them in the process because we are short-sighted, racing to our own civilization’s doom, really. I sound dark, but it is because I feel so frustrated with what is going on.

I just try to take a deep breath and focus on myself and what I can do to stop it or to help, in my purview. I cannot control what people do. I can only spread the word and try to do better, and teach Little Bun to do better.


I absolutely love this pink velvet ottoman. I am making notes on these sort of things for my future home, and I would love one in the corner of my closet + office. I am a clich├ęd Millennial, loving this blush pink + gold. And anything rose gold.

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