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  • Erika

    Ok, I guess I’m the outsider that actually owns and wears a Pandora bracelet. It’s not something I picked out for myself, but something that my dad picked out for my mom and me several years ago. He likes to give us a charm to represent every country we’ve traveled to. For instance, we each have an Eidelweis charm for our trip to Austria. The charm reminds us of a funny story we heard while there that most non-Austrians presume that the Eidelweis song from the Sound of Music is the national anthem, but most Austrian natives have never heard it before. We’ve traveled to some off the beaten path places and enjoy finding charms that represent them. Oh and both my bracelets and charms are stamped sterling silver. I might be basic, but my travels are anything but.

  • Revanche

    When I still watched TV with real commercials, I would openly and loudly boo Pandora. I hate charm bracelets and the BS marketing tactics they use totally made me hate them more 🙂

    Thanks for the links!

  • SarahN

    I can’t STAND Pandora, and Thomas Sabo is a similar brand – when I was in Paris most recently, I wanted to replace the non silver one I’d had. My, the number of times I got directed to the tatt! Where was a decent jeweller with real silver!

    The shirting material heels – they’d get ruined with me! For sure!

  • raluca

    Pandora is the absolute epitome of “special snowflake” syndrome. As in : “I will buy these charms because I have an unique personality that needs to be expressed by having an assorted line of sparkly things. And look, as I go through life and things happen, I can add even more sparkly things to forever remember them. Because those things happened to me and nobody else ever experienced anything similar”. Except the other suckers who bought the exact same charm, because really, almost everyone who goes to Paris also sees the Eiffel tower. (There is an Eiffel tower Pandora charm).
    I might be extra snarky today because I have low blood sugar, but I do believe that the things that are extra, super special in our lives don’t get any more special because we added a piece of metal to our writsts. And I believe that we have no trouble remebering our really good moments, because they were good moments. Pandora is really a way for middle class women to brag to each other: of all the amazing adventures they have seen. Also, to give their husbands a ready made gift idea. And they are expensive as hell, as they are not made of gold or silver (for most them). The ones that are made of gold or silver are super expensive.

  • AdinaJ

    Haha! I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

    Brooches are underrated at the moment, but they’re bound to make a comeback at some point. As a certified magpie, I can’t resist all that concentrated sparkliness.

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