Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Invest in sneakers & designer handbags not crypto


These Air Force One sneakers sold for $150K. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY K. People buy these items, and then resell them as iconic pieces, kind of like comic books, and so on.


This sounds.. so ridiculous… and silly, but these bunny ear covers for my Airpods have been one of the best purchases I have made all year. Now I can easily locate my Airpods in my bag by searching for the furry bunny ears, and they are DANG CUTE.


.. oh and aside from iconic sneakers, Chanel and Hermès handbags, and Rolex watches (not just any of them, specific items), are recession proof items to invest your money in.  You may snort at this, but I can see it. If you bought an iconic piece, and it is in good condition, it could resell for much more in the future. For sure.

Guess I should invest in handbags instead of crypto. LOL

Speaking of which, the owners of Chanel (privately owned), also just paid themselves $5B USD in dividends.


I am always frustrated with appliances that DO NOT come with a cord wrap or a thing to wrap the cable around to keep it out of the way and not flopping here and there. Enter, this low cost, GENIUS cord wrap solution to use on those exact appliances, so that things will be much easier to keep neat and tidy.


Don’t shoot the messenger. But I really think this clearly states why many teachers are frustrated with students these days – Why I quit teaching because of Gen Z

She nailed it. 100%. It is a 15-minute video, but worth the entire watch of what is wrong with our education system today; it’s also the way we are mollycoddling our children.


I picked up this Kindle Oasis and I AM BEYOND THRILLED with how amazing it is. Let me list the ways how much better it is than the Kobo (I have been loyal for over a decade, but no longer):

  • Extremely responsive screen when you swipe or tap so you can read quickly and not get caught up waiting for the page to turn
  • Maintains the “paperwhite” quality of a book
  • HAS BUTTONS to flip back and forward
  • You can email books to yourself using your Kindle email address (!!!)
  • You can link the cable to your computer to use Calibre to manage your books (I did not think you could do this hence why I never tried a Kindle)
  • Small and lightweight
  • Fully metal, not plastic, feels very high quality and luxe

The ONLY con I see so far:

  • Cannot mark books as “unread” when you accidentally click on them.

Even Little Bun is reading more because it is less frustrating to use.


These are some quick designer tricks that are handy to know (and do not cost a ton), to make your place look more luxe, and expensive.


If you want a white, summery dress with a boho, flowy feel, look no farther than this beautiful piece by Banana Republic. I LOVE the sleeves. I love the tiered skirt. And it is 50% off!

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