Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Visiting the Dior Museum and this fantastic $29M Japanese Mid-century Home


A visit to the Dior museum. This is incredible.


I have been waiting and waiting for this cashmere blanket to even go on an OUNCE of a sale but I can wait no longer. I purchased it at full price, and have not regretted it since, as I snuggle into it (even during summer), and love every moment of it.

3. $29M HOME

I simply love this home. 20 acres, secluded, private, and so calm. It doesn’t look stale, concrete and terrible. I love how the home is so wonderful and serene. I also love that the homeowner talked about how his father built the home in 1969.

I’d live here in a heartbeat though I think it is far too large for me personally, but man. I love everything that went into this house, from the smallest detail to the walls.. it’s magnificent.


I know it sounds… ridiculous. Childish even. But I bought this bunny plush furry carrying case in pink for my Airpods and I am in love. It is STRANGE how a little trinket like this, can make me smile. It makes me .. so oddly happy to see it. I also enjoy petting it while I am watching videos, as it soothes me (the faux fur is super soft).


.. that’s the only way I can describe the way Canadians are spending their money as of late. All this pent-up demand for leisure and recreation, is not helping inflation, but I can completely sympathize with why it is going the way it is going. Even I am feeling it. I just wonder how it will be in 2-3 years when we burn through our savings from the 2 years of not going out, and reality suddenly hits.


I am so glad I decided to jump the Kobo ship and land on a Kindle one because I bought their Oasis, and it is just as promised. I will never ever go back to a Kobo.

From the buttons, to the super fast response paper-like screen, the adjustments, it’s great. I just wish their software would be a little more organized, like “CURRENTLY READING” as well as “UNREAD” or “FINISHED”, and an option to mark a book as “UNREAD” not just “READ”.

Minor details. Love the e-reader. Little Bun loves it so much I am considering buying a second one so we can each have our own.


These are the 7 habits you should quit, so you can feel luckier in life. The absolute hardest one for me has to be to learn you can only control what you can control. It has been difficult ever since 2019, to see all of the underbelly of life exposed, and it is as though the hits keep coming, every few months there is some new change or stressor and not for the better.

I can only control what I can control, that is all I can say and can do at this point.


It is very hard to find the perfect white summer dress, and I may have found it at .. THE GAP of all places. This is a lace (but not an old doily lace style), dress, in a modern style, with elbow-length sleeves (so wonderfully refreshing), and such a refreshing retro ease and air to it. You can belt it, leave it unbelted, and just wear it dressed up or down.

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