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The Dior Exhibition: McCord Museum – Montréal 2021

Taking a minor break from Week of Money to bring you a special showing of Dior from the McCord Museum that I mustered up the courage to go to:

At the entrance

Life-sized drawings on walls of his work:

Dior’s jewellery. I really liked this one but it also looked very Christmassy.

Matching earrings and brooch:

THESE pieces, I loved. Turquoise necklace, and bracelet. If they remade this, I’d certainly snap it up. I love the little turquoise beads, the hanging dangling pieces. It is so old and yet so modern still, and very relevant.

This shoe, I wish I had taken a picture of my hand beside it, because it was meant for a CHILD. I am certain Little Bun could fit his foot into this shoe, it was so tiny. I do not know who had such small feet, maybe this was just a sample example to save on materials, but my goodness it was for a child. And stunning.

The draping is some of his best work, I liked this one a lot:

More draping. Look how modern that still looks today!

The embroidery was also just stunning. Loved the flowers.

All hand-stitched.

More of that…

This entire collection came from one woman’s closet when she passed.

The back of this dress is perfection.

This.. This is my favourite piece of the entire exhibit. It is modern, relevant today with a mixing of pink and red, the draping, one shoulder, flattering silhouette of the light pink against the red showing the curves…

Then the back takes your breath away with the buttons, the flowing red cape skirt…

If I could have any piece photographed and framed, it would be this one. Or just to own it for a ball.

More embroidery..


Really tiny waists was his thing.




Another look at the ballgowns.

Sorry I could not help it. Another sneak peek back at my favourite dress. Look at the side!!!!

It’s like a waterfall of silk.

More stunning embroidery.

A nipped in waist with buttons:

He really liked wide necklines which are terrible for my body type.. but draping and buttons was his thing.

Belted coats are stunning.

More nipped in waists.


Another draped front

I love the ruffle in the front, and the buttons down the sides:



Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. 🙂

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