Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Bringing Joy, One Hat at a Time

1. Hats off

Loving the joy that this lady La Verne Forde Wimberly (Aged 82) with her Sunday Best Selfies is bringing to the community. You have to care about, and look for the little things that matter in life.

2. Spillage

This matcha bowl with a spout is perfect for pouring tea.

3. Vegan Brisket


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This video was pretty eye-opening of how to use vegan ingredients to mimic our favourites like brisket. The techniques are rightfully credited to dating back to China for thousands of years, creating a meat-like texture in their food, as many Buddhist monks are vegetarian.

4. Smoked

This velour hoodie is giving me seriously chic vibes, with a George Costanza flair.

5. Museo Online

I am even desperate at the idea of one day, being able to go to a museum again and touring an Italian jewellery museum like this virtually looks fantastic. I liked touring them alone, and as Little Bun is older, I’d love to take him to one so he can appreciate what he sees, as he has become more creative and artistic in these past few months. They even have webinars you can watch.

6. Artsy

Can I justify this really pretty desk lamp? I mean considering I am WFH….

7. Local Pride

Anne-Marie Chagnon is a local jewellery designer (well known), and I love this article about her being the pillar of the community and lifting others up. I have had my eye on some of her pieces (not all of it is my style), but have yet to buy one. I am more inclined to do so, now, reading about her.

8. Contained

I am starting to get into the idea of trays or boxes as a way to contain or define a space for things. I may need this tray to collect all of Little Bun’s knickknacks he keeps leaving all over my desk.

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