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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: A Deep Look into Private Schools

1. Private schools

As someone who has a lot of teachers in her family, this is not anything new to me: Parents screaming at teachers to try and intimidate them to giving their children higher grades, etc. Where private and public differ, is that it looks like the private schools back up the teachers, but public schools do not, they fold like a house of cards at any parental pressure.

2. Blushing

I love this beautifully draped vegan leather skirt. It looks so elegant and chic.

3. Backstage Dior

Backstage at Dior at Versailles. I am… <3

4. Scanned

I purchased this scanner over 8-10 years ago, and it is 100% the best mobile scanner that is light, easy to use and store I have ever purchased to date. I am still using it, it’s great. I digitize all of my files, I don’t keep any papers unless they’re very useful like birth certificates, but even those, I have a mobile copy of just in case.

5. French versus English waitstaff

I laughed so hard at this caricature (so did my partner), as he says: HEY! I got that same bavette line once! .. For what it’s worth, in France I am told they consider being a server a real job and career. I wouldn’t say that here in North America we don’t, there are plenty of fantastic waiters who consider it their vocation as well and take it extremely seriously, but it is GENERALLY not the attitude we as a society have towards waiters, if that makes sense.


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6. Draped perfection

I am very close to buying this top. It’s by Acler, but it’s in white (my kryptonite colour), and a WONDERFUL drape to the whole look of it. It would be stunning under a blazer, on its own, with anything really. It would be so lovely with this gorgeous white draped skirt!

7. Flow with it

Reaching Flow as the secret to happiness: The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times . . . The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile”..

8. Oak and Burbon

This is my favourite smell – Oak and Burbon. I mean it’s a charcoal deodorant, but it’s so fresh and warm, and a perfect scent as a perfume even though it’s a deodorant. I really like the smell of it which is the only perfume I am wearing these days.


  • Gail

    Around here, private schools are an avoidance of integration, and they abound in well-to-do neighborhoods, threatening the success and even the existence of public schools. Happily I have seen more young families, including those of my own grown children, working hard to help the public schools, which their kids attend, succeed. People in power from wealth aim at keeping that power for their heirs. It is disgusting. Only through diverse public education can minds be opened. Voucher system is an enemy of democracy in my mind., and private schools cannot teach the lessons of public, which are greater than the academic.

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