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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Feeling like “Other”


These New Zealand videos on being “Other”, as in, facing microaggressions of racism, are quite powerful episodes to watch.


I am absolutely thrilled that Banana Republic has listened and come out with this sweater with the super thick cuffs that I have wanted. I am very tempted to buy both.

3. GTFO what I would say to this woman who wrote in about whether or not she should divorce. A happier parent is a better parent, divorced or not. Children feel all of this tension and even if they are unhappy, they cannot force you to be happy with their unhappiness. It is not a reason to stay.

If he will not change, then you need to change your situation to bring you happiness – are you going to live like this for the next 5 years or longer? THAT IS A LONG TIME. This is also why I strongly recommend women having their own money.

(I also did not appreciate the author of that response, giving her own opinion to shame and push her to stay with him by saying – “that is not reason enough for me, but again, I am not you”…you have no right to shame them.)


I finally purchased an external speaker (wireless, Bluetooth), and am blown away by the sound of this Bang and Olufsen speaker. It comes in very many different colours, but I would not call it “easily portable”. Portable, yes. But it’s quite large and heavy, so not meant for walking around casually if that was your thing.


Here is why this book has endured for so long. Children, including my own, love this repeating book. Every time he read it, he found something new in the pictures, or in the words.


I am going to buy this gold clothes rack to steam my clothes on, and hang items because it is stunning and super practical.


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    I’d be interested to know if the rack is a challenge to put together. My mom needs something like that but I’m not handy and mom is even worse so it needs to be easy!
    Also, regarding the divorce… what horrible expectations about gender norms are those kids learning if the mom stays in the marriage? They may not be happy but they may be more functional as adults if she leaves.

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