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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Everyday Workers and their Salaries

1. Work it

Found this article when I was looking at salaries of What People Earn 2020: See the Salaries of Everyday Workers Across America done by Parade:

Everyday common jobs:

  • Professional Organizer @ $175,000
  • Nurse Practitioner @ $110,000
  • School Nurse @ $44,023
  • NICU lead clinical research coordinator @ $69,000

I’d obviously be a professional organizer or something to do with fashion/style or personal style if I didn’t do what I did.

2. Doubled Up

I have been looking for a better white blazer to replace my now worn out one (which I wore incessantly during the summer), and this double-breasted one from Ann Taylor looks very appealing with gold buttons, and a nice sort of nautical air.

3. Judgey Wudgey was a Bear

We need to eliminate this habit of judging to help our own mental sanity.

4. Screening

I ran out of sunscreen and purchased my all-time, holy grail favourite from Coola – it’s mineral (better for the coral reefs and for your skin in general, as I am not trusting of chemical sunscreens which absorb into your skin rather than sit on top like minerals), and it’s MATTE as well as being soft and tinted, so you don’t have a white cast all over your face. LOVE.

5. #ShareTheLoad

An initiative (marketing ploy of course) by P&G India to bring awareness to women’s issues. I liked the videos a lot even if they’re meant to sell loads of detergent in the name of feminism.

6. Removable

I have been doing my own pedicures at home, and was looking for an acetone-free formula as it ruins your skin/nails, and I found this one from Mineral Fusion that smells floral-y, and works perfectly to remove all colours. I have to scrub a bit harder than with acetone-free formulas, but I am willing to put in the work to save my nails. I let these reusable pads soak with the product, sit on my toenail, and then I start wiping.

7. #ChangeIsBeautiful

Along with the same lines as #ShareTheLoad, BIBA did a bunch of ads called Change the Convention:

8. Booted

Sofft makes THE BEST shoes. They’re comfortable, they’re well-made, they last forever and wear well, so I am likely adding these Tilton Booties in grey to my wish list because you can’t go wrong with grey boots as a perfect neutral.

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