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This honey badger Stoffel is so smart it’s astonishing. (Click to see Video)


Margaret Howell is my kind of designer – minimalist and after quality, not quantity.





Speaking of teenagers, I see this girl’s point about teaching boys that girls are not sexual objects but I disagree with her.

School is a place to learn, and as such, I am a firm believer of dressing appropriately for the learning environment.

You wouldn’t wear a miniskirt to church or to meet the Queen would you? Or tell the police academy to sod off if they told you to put on a uniform in 30C weather, would you?

So why wouldn’t you obey the school dress code and dress appropriately?

If it’s hot outside, wear looser, breathable fabrics.

Guys wear shorts that come down to their knees and they aren’t complaining.

Why should girls get a pass to wear shorts or skirts that barely cover their butt and claim it’s because it’s hot? If there’s no dress code, where does it stop? Do girls start showing up to school in bikinis? RIDICULOUS.

I totally get why schools implement uniforms now, it’s to avoid all this BS.


This video made my heart stop.


These post-its are HILARIOUS.





And this soccer samurai is .. just.. AMAZING.


Women who make more than their husbands run into a lot of problems, mostly because he doesn’t feel like he’s an equal player and manly enough as the breadwinner.

I personally don’t want a relationship where it isn’t equal. I like 50/50 splits on everything. I can’t deal with inequality either way, not with the experiences I’ve had.


Amazing photos you have never seen before.


Why do colleges discriminate against women?


This is not the result of religion but it sure gives it a bad image.


Mike Rowe gives the best career advice.





Check out this object worth a million bucks.


Do you eat ethically? This is a video about the U.S., not Canada, by the way.

Hat tip to A Money Goddess.


Wise fashion advice and words from icon Ines de la Fressange.


  • Michelle

    Oh, #7. That I am in agreement with. I’ve had similar experiences that when you make more than a guy, it just doesn’t work.
    #8 some crazy photos in there, interesting to see how much the world has changed. It’s funny they actually took the time to measure bathing suits, I think they need to do that now with girl’s shorts and skirts. I saw a girl walking the other day, probably high school age, and her sweater was as long as her shorts so it basically looked like she wasn’t wearing any pants. What are we teaching young people any more? Whenever I wanted some trendy clothing in high school my parents always countered with “it’s not a fashion show, you’re there to learn”, and that was always the end of the discussion.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      On occasion I have made more than BF but that was fleeting. Frankly, we make about the same range / charge about the same per hour, so we’re equal in that sense, although he is more likely to get a contract than I (more experience) and I am more likely to take slightly less per hour than him (just to work)…

      EXACTLY! It isn’t a fashion show and honestly, shorts don’t have to be short to be cooling.

  • SarahN

    Eating Ethically was great – I have been reading about tipping on the Non Consumer Advocate’s facebook (she creates great conversations, or at least followers do). Thankfully Australia has a better minimum wage, and tipping is for ‘above and beyond’ rather than standard. However, the service levels aren’t as high as I experience in the US< where they do rely on their tips.

    I loved the Dad's post it notes, just genius!! And the knitted food.

  • Liquid

    Those knitted food looks almost good enough to eat lol. Yikes, I hope that poor old lady makes a full and speedy recovery. That truck driver was going way too fast 🙁 I’m surprised the see the 5 year old kid running after the minibus like “Hey, come back here. You ran over my nana.”

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