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Loved this post by Broke Girl Rich on how to get hired.


Which Mad Men character are you? I got Joan Harris!

Speaking of Joan, I am loving her character development as of late and the way she negotiated; I am not condoning what she did (times were different back then) but I am supporting how she muscled her way into a partnership as a result of having agreed to do it.


In case you couldn’t tell, Joan is angry here. Maybe you should take this NY Times Quiz to see how well you can read facial expressions in the eyes. I scored 22/30 which is the lower, but acceptable “average” range.

Along the lines of negotiation, I must say that I completely agree with this writer about how employers have to stop acting like it is unseemly for women to ask for more money or to negotiate.

Let me be crystal clear that I DO NOT advocate giving a raise or more money to someone who doesn’t deserve it (woman or man), or giving women chances to get to the top just because they’re women.

…but as someone who negotiates often in a male-dominated industry where the average person is 45, white and male, I can tell you that I get a lot of pushback when I ask for a fair rate.

Strong, employer / negotiated pushback that does not occur when BF (who pretty much fits that profile) asks in the same way!!!

There’s something about being a woman… and a young woman at that, that makes people automatically think I should be a soft pushover and it is not ladylike or “done” to negotiate aggressively “like a man”.

Ironically, I didn’t realize I was ‘acting like a man‘ when I did it, I just wanted my damn money for what my brain is worth.

I worked as hard as he did to obtain those skills, so PAY ME FOR IT.

Hat tip to Revanche for that link.


How incredibly dark and Eastern European is this sand animation on the Great Patriotic War?

It’s beautiful but damn….


Okay, so it cuts into privacy but I am a fan of this decision.

You should have nothing to fear if you haven’t done anything wrong.


We need more people like this in the world…. and like this guy too.


These group portraits are brilliant.

Here are my 2 favourites:

neal-slavin-candlelight-ceremony-group-portraits-slate Candlelight Ceremony

Rubber boat fishermen, Eugene, Ore. Rubberboat Fishermen





My goodness these truths about life are clever, and speaking of jobs, these job titles have nailed it.

Also, when I retire from my job, I think I want to become a NICU volunteer cuddler. It’s been decided. I think that will be off the charts on the fun factor on this Salary Index.


The differences in daily food intake of people around the world.

Seriously good video!

I own all of their books. They’re pretty much the only books I own in paper because I am a freak about not having STUFF.

Speaking of being around the world, this answer about whether or not you should take your money when you’re young and travel, is one I heartily agree with.


Isn’t it a bit ironic that these fashion folks (Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Alexander Wang) who design different things for us to wear each season, wear the same thing over and over again?



Yes you heard it here first, I spelled ridiculous as ridonkulus because the Toronto housing market is THAT stupid.

It costs an average of a million to buy a family home now. Talk about mixing up your wants versus needs.

Speaking of mixing up wants versus needs, Angela’s rant about Craigslist is the perfect illustration of that.


These fox photos are simply stunning.


I am crying with laughter right now at these re-written children’s books for adults, my favourite being this one:



I don’t condone violence but this was a good example of street justice:

.. Although I wonder why no one tried to get him away from the old couple sooner, while he was hurling nasty insults and getting up in their faces.


Reasons why my son is crying.

reasons-why-my-son-is-crying Yep.

That’s the future Baby Bun right there.


I need to tour Italy. Stat. But I will always come back to Canada and call it home.





This was so sweet.. *sniffle*


They sure start them young in China… not to mention that this story about how shoe shopping killed a man is insane..


  • neurosciency

    aww, so many cute animals in this post! i love koalas 🙂

  • Michelle

    I’ve never watched Mad Men. But, I always find that I love their clothes in the commercials.

  • Melissa

    You do always have the most interesting links! I approve of the French collecting DNA to solve that rape case as well.

    Honestly, I don’t know why the US doesn’t do the same thing. People always talk about all the innocent people locked up in prison, yet they don’t make the connection that, with sufficient DNA evidence, the innocent could be exonerated and the guilty put in jail or prison. We should collect DNA evidence and store it like the French do, for that very reason. If you’re a rapist and/or murderer, you should be afraid. Ted Bundy was able to kill dozens of women over years and years – would we have been able to stop him sooner if we had widespread DNA collection? How many Ted Bundy’s can we prevent in the future with DNA collection and usage?

    I’m all for privacy – I studied it in grad school. But like you said, if you don’t commit the crime, you have nothing to fear. On the other hand, having studied privacy, I would like there to be iron-clad laws that outline who can access the DNA, how its stored, and what it could be used for. I don’t want some sci-fi Minority Report-stuff going down.

  • Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

    Gotta agree with you on the young woman= pushover thing. I’ve been learning to stand up for myself more recently. Some people admire and respect that, others think it makes me a bitch. I have no need for people in the latter category.

  • Angella

    Oh I love Mad Men and I love Joan! Assuming I can reach my goal weight by Halloween, I want to be her. Although I also do no condone her choices, I think her character is amazing.

    Thanks for the mention! I can’t believe the housing market in Toronto, that’s crazy. I’m always amazed at the cost of living differences between not only countries, but just states in the US as well.

    And Koalas! I got sucked into spending an hour browsing Koala videos on youtube the other night. They are just so cute.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      What’s your goal weight? 🙂 I love Joan’s OUTFITS in particular. I want to wear sheath dresses all the time now, but I am decidedly less curvy…

      You’re welcome — I really enjoy your blog and your writing.

  • Michelle

    Apparently, I’m a Joan Harris too. 🙂
    The Toronto housing market is ridonkulus, I’ve resigned myself to buying anything and will only be renting. It has to come to an end soon.
    Got a good laugh out of Angela’s post about Craigslist…I can completely see people doing that. I’ve had some strange experiences with Kijiji…I had one guy ask me on a date instead of being interested in the item I was selling and I had another woman try to get me to warranty the Blackberry I sold her…unbelievable.I just had to ignore it all.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Unless you plan on living in the middle of nowhere, people can’t realistically afford a home that is 3X their income. It is just impossible without help.

      I see people on HGTV and think: HOW?.. HOW!?

      Honestly, I just try and get rid of stuff online and use my instincts if people sound weird. The ones who annoy me the most are the flakes, who tell you they are interested and want the item, but then never contact you again.

  • Lila

    You always have interesting links.

    Is that a cig on that little boy’s hand? That just breaks my heart. I stopped the video halfway because I couldn’t take it anymore seeing him puffing that cig. That is just so sad.

    That video about that guy being stopped by the other passengers was great. He used the B word as every other word. I took public transportation (city bus) for about 7 years and no one ever talked like that. He sounds like Jesse from “Breaking Bad” by using the b word in every sentence.

    Love the animal pix.

    And yes I too have noticed Karl L., and Anna W. as well as other designers wear the same “uniform” – people stick to what works for them. I do love fashion magazines like W & Vogue but I don’t take them too seriously.

    I got 32/36 on that quiz. Yay for useless quizzes 😀

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Yes it is a cigarette in his hand. They also have kids starting quite young in other countries like in southeast Asia. No one stopped him, which is the saddest part.

      32/36!! You’re incredible. I was guessing at some of those because I just couldn’t see what they were feeling.. I usually go by their mouth expression as well.

  • Mel @ brokeGIRLrich

    Oh my gosh, reasons why my son is crying is one of my favorite things! I can never stop laughing. Talk about a parent turning lemons into lemonade with that site.

    And thanks for the link love! Glad you liked it.

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