Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: “I am a CEO and was a Sugar Daddy, and this is why”

Why One Sugar Daddy went on Seeking Arrangements to find someone. Fascinating read, as it combines sex and money, our two favourites… You’d think with all that money they would have no trouble finding someone but…

I guess with lots of money comes a lot of long hours and strings. It is interesting that he dates younger women not just for their age (obviously their age helps) but that they aren’t jaded by bad experiences enough to take it out on him.

It reminds me of that scene from the wonderful Grace and Frankie series where Frankie dates a much younger CEO and keeps expecting him to leave her for someone younger or to break her heart.

This packable fedora from Cuyana is well worth the money. We tried it on in-store and man was it stunning!!!

A great income percentile by age calculator to use to see where you fall, financially if you’re as nosy as I am and you want to know how you are doing compared to others your age. It is human nature to want to compete and know how you are doing.

I also picked up this drape back dress from Cuyana in persimmon and the DRAMA without it being uncomfortable, it is like a bit of a cape, but so soft and wonderful… well worth the money. It is so easy to wear and it looks amazing.

Meredith Koop – stylist to Michelle Obama… and genius behind her looks especially her low-high mixes!

I also very nearly bought this black backpack from Cuyana. I WAS SO CLOSE.

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