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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where someone should explain to me who can become a politician

I absolutely loved Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to being belittled as a former bartender. Truly brilliant. It sums up exactly the hurt and the feelings that come with working in blue-collar jobs and being ignored because you are somehow not as worthy as someone who makes more money. TOTAL. BS.

I say this even as a white-collar worker who makes a great amount of money (and saves it) because my family is working class who happened to get lucky, and I still struggle with whether or not I am upper class. In my head and heart I am not, but on paper, I certainly am. I also still have relatives (one of whom I support) living in poverty. So. Not so removed from all of this.

The comments are also pretty telling with people who say things like: that person is not a politician, and neither is this person ….. it makes you want to ask them — then who is by your definition?

Only the ones who have money to buy their ways into fancy schools? To galas where they meet other established politicians who then can push their career forward? It sounds pretty elitist to me that these people are all privileged to begin with, and then are awarded the chance to become a power broker just because they know people who know people.

Life is unfair to be sure.. but what’s the point in trying to take away the one thing that I find truly democratic which is that anyone can speak for the people, whether we back them or not, and that has nothing to do with age, gender, background…

Politicians are people who can speak and do so professionally on behalf of the people. That’s it.

/end rant

I … really like this bag from Wandler. It looks so stylish, beautiful… and ROOMY! Too bad it is a bajillion bucks.

Do you kiss your children on the lips? I am not saying what I do but I can tell you that Little Bun and I are CLOSE. When we sleep, he hugs my arm, or needs to touch me in some way. He ends up sleeping on me, under me, hugging my side of my body like a pillow… we are very close physically and emotionally, and I am soaking up every bit of it no matter how exhausting and tired it makes me because it will end one day and fade away.

I am a FIEND for leather jackets, and they are really more my personal vibe as I can wear it over dresses, with jeans, whatever. This classic black leather one is very pretty and sleek and under $500.

I watch this and I can’t even comprehend how difficult this move is in vaulting (Olympics), and yet at some level I can see it is difficult AF. I wish they would slow it down afterwards so idiots like me could really appreciate it. I am forced to stop motion it myself to catch all of it!

This Black Halo jumpsuit for $138 is so stylish and sleek, I wish I had more events or things so I could justify buying it.

And what are some of the biggest money lies you have ever told? 17 women share theirs. Some are pretty big.

How do you feel about colourblocked shoes? I know the ones from Chanel are classics, but there is something about the toe being in black that throws me off… That said, this one has caught my eye in black and white. I like that the cutout is not the full front of the heel, the black is not just the cap toe but the front, and it looks summery yet not too casual.

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