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Ask Sherry: Did you get a new phone?

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I know you used to depend on an iPod Touch and didn’t have a smartphone, but I thought I saw a reference to an iPhone recently. Do you have a smartphone now? If so, what do you like/dislike about it compared to your previous system.

Yes! I recently bought an iPhone. I took the XS Max in 512GB. I basically got the biggest phone with the biggest storage I could because I plan on running it down until it literally dies.

I still have an iPhone 4S from back in the day that we use as a house phone.

I felt it was needed to upgrade because it started to get to the point where I needed a data plan to hot spot myself when I was working away  from home. I couldn’t rely on wifi networks.

What I like

  • I can call anyone any time I like and hotspot anyone who needs it
  • I have access to the internet all the time.. this is HUGE. And my data plan is 8GB a month
  • The camera is much better than on the iPod Touch – my photos look professional now
  • I can finally access Instagram (I could not have it before on my iPod Touch, you need and actual phone)
  • ..actually, I can access a LOT of apps that needed the internet before to work, and would always fail on my iPod Touch

What I hate

  • People can call me any time they want. I usually just ignore their calls or let it go to voicemail.
  • This phone is HUGE. And HEAVY. It hurts my hands after holding it for a while. My iPod touch was so light compared to this.
  • I am on the phone a lot more than my iPod Touch because I have access to the internet all the time rather than waiting for wifi
  • It was expensive AF and the 8GB plan is expensive but I did not want to worry about data plans etc

All in all, more likes than hates. I love the huge screen on the phone, which make browsing and working on things a lot easier (I can even work from my phone which is great), but a smaller, wifi-less device was really not that bad except when I really need it or wifi to work.

I am always connected which is both good and bad in my opinion.

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