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Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy for that pesky Minimalist

The holidays are upon us!


I know November seems early for the end of December, but it really isn’t. I’ve seen frost on the ground and I have a feeling reindeers and jingling bells are just around the corner.

For the record, as a minimalist, I would much prefer things to eat, cash, or gift cards. Anything “consumable”, really that I would like to actually consume.

Every time my mother tries to get me something, I cringe because I LOVE that she thought of me, cares about me and thinks I would find it useful but I just hate her wasting all that money on something I don’t really want.

How do you tell your mother you’d really much prefer a pair of Frye moto boots, size 8, in black, with buckles, but only the slimmer cuter version of the Engineer boot, not the other one?

You can’t!

She wouldn’t understand because she’d said:

You already have boots, but you don’t have a … [insert kind of useless kitchen gadget here]!!!

But I digress.

This is a gift guide to getting things people actually want.

And by people, I mean people like me.

Super picky. Minimalist. Conscious. Stylish (I hope). & overall, super annoying to buy gifts for.


You know, this woman doesn’t even need to really travel much, she just has to LOVE TO TRAVEL (like I do), and love accessories related to maps & traveling:

So enter, travel-related accessories! I particularly love the idea of giving a piece of art to hang on a wall.

People don’t have enough art these days, and something kind of personalized would be so great. If they don’t love it, it can go in the bathroom. 😉



For someone who travels A LOT, there is nothing better than a great pouch to hold all your things, a cashmere wrap (I own 3!) and a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones:


Someone who is always organized, can appreciate NICE notepads, pens and a great notebook.

Sure, I use my iPod touch a lot, but nothing beats a great notepad where I can jot down ideas and sketch out things.

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