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My response to Fashion Trends Men Hate and Why

There are apparently quite a lot of trends that men hate that women wear, and I thought I’d at least address each one as a woman:


Yeah, I don’t get this trend either.

Why wear pajamas as a look?


Some women look great with it on, others do not. I am one of those who do not look with dark or red lipstick.. or lipstick in general.

Lip balm is my thing.

I do know however that Gwen Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale loves a bold red lip on her.


I agree with this. They make your feet look potted. You don’t really look any taller.

You’re better off wearing wedges similar to this instead:


Agreed! Even worse are extra long nails on guys. *shudder*


Even though I hate shorts (I do not own a single pair), I wear high-waisted jeans so I don’t get a plumber’s crack and they actually stay on my skinny hips.

I’ll bet if they were Daisy Duke high-waisted shorts with a bikini top, no one would complain.


I like the look, but don’t own a pair. Don’t really see a problem with gladiator sandals, but apparently it makes your foot look wide and ugly.


I also don’t own any caps.. but I can see how they’re practical.

Why not? Keeps the sun out of your eyes.

Guys wear them all the time, why not girls?


Maybe these guys just haven’t seen the right outfit with black and white stripes, not everyone who wears them looks like they work at a sporting goods store.

How can you just hate on black and white stripes!? There are so many varieties and different ways to wear them.


I’d agree with this one but note to all men out there — even “natural” beauty is not that natural. Just ask any girl who looks fresh-faced and “natural”, and she’ll list at least 3 things she wore on her face as makeup — mascara, concealer and she probably shaded in her eyebrows or wore eyeliner.

That’s not to say I can’t leave the house without any makeup — I’ve done it plenty of times, but I don’t care if I have dark under eye circles or look tired, because I am not at work trying to look professional and put together.

I rarely, if ever, go to work without makeup on. It’d have to be a serious something-or-another-SNAFU-morning for me to not to wear at least a little eyeliner, concealer and mascara.


Speaking of eyebrows, fake looking, drawn-in eyebrows are the worst. My mom is a victim of this, and I always try to get her to make it look more natural but.. *sigh* I’m fighting a losing battle.


I thought guys enjoyed the smell of vanilla, or so all my teenage girl magazines told me as I was growing up…


Personally I like the smell of lavender, and lavender essential oil is the only fragrance I wear (if any).


I don’t get this trend either because it just makes my waist look bigger.

But I do like peplum bottoms on skirts like this Bionic Tweed Teal skirt I picked up for $20 last year:




Yeah, I’m not a fan of huge hoop earrings. It’s a little too hip-hop / rap / Jenny-from-the-block for me.


Smaller-spaced nude fishnets are a nice, cooling alternative to those restrictive tights. Otherwise, fishnets have to be used in moderation and with certain outfits otherwise you run the risk of looking a little hoochie-mama.


I only own one pair of sneakers — Converse Slimlines, but the comment that men prefer women in heels makes me want to ask men to try wearing heels all day long without getting foot pain and bunions.


Men have NO IDEA how painful cute heels can be when worn for a long period of time (not to mention the back and foot problems you get from prolonged wear), so they should really STFU unless they’ve walked 8 – 10 hours in 3″ heels all day, for at least an entire week, if not a month.. or a year!!!

Men, you try walking in these all day and tell me if you’d cut women some slack wearing sneakers over these torture devices:

(Although I should note that I find very high heels over 4″ really ugly and not at all chic..)


How odd, I thought all guys enjoyed super tight things on girls. I don’t think yoga pants, tights or leggings can ever pass as pants, but this is surprisingly coming from guys.


I don’t like sticky lip gloss either, my hair gets stuck on it.

We see eye to eye on this.


I will acknowledge that there are SOME fake designer bags out there that look like the real thing.

…but then on the other end, there are fake designer bags that are CLEARLY knockoffs, especially if you see a bag that should cost about $2000 at retail paired with an outfit from the discount rack at Wal-Mart.

Just glancing at someone’s outfit, I can tell if the bag is real or not.

(Not to mention that fake designer bags are not as harmless as you think.)

The entire outfit counts. Just holding a (fake) designer purse doesn’t elevate your outfit to any level of acceptable style, it is not chic.

My advice?

All women who covet a high-end, designer kind of look without the price tag that goes with it, should consider buying slightly higher quality clothing (and less of it), and a simple (leather) bag with NO logos.

Women who are universally chic are usually not covered head-to-toe in logos or bling.


I don’t wear bows or girly headbands as a fashion thing (I kind of hate it, only little girls should wear headbands), but I do wear a headband when I want to keep my hair off my face during the summer, but it’s one of those thin dark brown plastic ones so it blends in.

Not all headbands are horrible, Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook wears them all the time and looks great:



I hate these too. Either avoid strapless tops and dresses, or go with a strapless bra.



I love giant scarves, especially without a coat, so these guys who hate this trend can SUCK IT.



  1. Harem pants. I have yet to see someone pull this off and convince me they don’t look like MC Hammer or a genie.
  2. Huge stacked wedges or shoes — looking like you are walking on a block or with 6″ monstrosities is not chic.
  3. Too-low rise pants — when you squat down, or bend over and someone can see your thong or your butt crack, WEAR A BELT.
  4. Wide, Cropped Gaucho Pants — I absolutely do not care how in-style it is. It looks awful and will look awful forever.
  5. Crop tops — Unless you have a killer physique (what are the chances of that!?), even the skinniest will have a muffin top.

This is probably the best picture to sum up what men probably find ridiculous about fashion (as do I); via Coveteur at Rodarte New York Fashion Week 2014: WTF?



  • Stella Mary

    Very nice and very wide range of fashion. Great tips on make up. Thank you so much.

  • susie

    The majority of women dress for other women, not men. I will agree with a couple, I cannot stand when people are out in pajama pants… I see people grocery shopping or just out and about in plaid or pattered pajama pants. I just don’t get it, pants aren’t that hard to put on. Also, the cropped/gaucho pants are so unfortunate looking.

  • Kyle

    Guy here. I fall into the category of a male that does not like women’s yoga pants. But to be clear, I don’t mind how they look on you if you have a flattering figure, AND we are at the gym or yoga studio.. However, and at least in my American city, yoga pants and its accompanying attire have become a de facto uniform for women here to wear most anywhere. Grocery stores, food halls, casual restaurants, movies, you name it — you and your d*** yoga pants are everywhere. It reminds me of when track suits were gaining some “traction” as an acceptable every day outfit. If I could put a finger on it, I guess my issue with it would be that you all are beginning to look the same (female army of yoga pant wearing G-Women),, and it symbolizes a bit of laziness. I know men do the same thing in our own way (t shirts, flip flops, etc.).. However, I am not one of those men, and I certainly wouldn’t go to a restaurant in my gym wear (regardless if I worked out beforehand or not).


      I completely agree with you. THANK YOU for feeling like it is an inappropriate item to wear outside if you aren’t working out or exercising.

    • Yoko

      Always nice to hear a man’s opinion. Thank you for taking the time to explain because i’ll admit that this particular dislike had me wondering. Thank you also for knowing when to dress up; wish more men knew that we notice. And appreciate.

  • Cassie

    Baseball caps, yoga pants and sneakers? My husband loves those three items! I’m sure he’d be happy if I wore them daily. I’m wondering who these men they polled are.

  • scout

    There are a lot of trends I hate. I definitely hate all the ones you listed. But I don’t care if men don’t like the way I dress. And to care about it promotes heternormative gender roles.

  • Kathy

    No man I know has ever commented on whether a handbag is fake or genuine, nor have they ever mentioned sneakers. Instead, most guys I know think the super high heels are silly. Probably difference in age group between you and me. And in the last picture….WTF is that? Those baggy wrinkled hosiery/sock things they are wearing remind me of some old lady during the depression who wore their hosiery rolled down around their shins?
    And if that isn’t bad enough by themselves, adding the bizarre outfits and shoes…..yikes! Hope I never run into someone wearing those things at night….I’d have a heart attack from fear.

  • raluca

    High heels – Ha! Really guys?? Really? “Oh darling, you look soo goood when you are unable to walk properly and you are slowly tearing your muscles apart.” “Thank you darling, I knew you cared about me and my health”.

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