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Welcome to any new readers!

Welcome to all the new readers (*crickets*) from the Your Money segment with Nancy Snedden.

(I hope?)

Thank you very much for taking the time to open a browser, type in my insufferably long web address and want to learn or read more about money… with me!

If you aren’t sick of hearing about me, you can read a tiny bit more about me here.

As a blogger is I cover a wide range of hodgepodge topics: money, style, minimalismcareer, parenting…. anything that interests me, really.

I am as a result, an unconventional money blogger because I LOVE spending money and spend a LOT of it, yet am freakishly responsible.

As a freelancer I earn like a princess when I work ($20,000 – $30,000 a month) but am trying hard to live like a duchess instead by not spending all of it. At once.

The rest of the time I relax and enjoy the time off by traveling with my partner, and I am also a mother to a little boy whom I have nicknamed Little Bun on the blog.

My money goal this year is to have a million dollars in my net worth (I am at around $805K at the moment) and this is a MASSIVE stretch for me because of this volatile stock market but also whether or not I will have a full income this year.


I mentioned a wide range of links on the show, and here they are below:

Products & Services

I also offer a consulting service where people have called / emailed me about anything from money to career to life coaching.

Key Blog Posts Mentioned

Net Worth

My personal budget & net worth posts are done by month and by year.

The most recent net worth update is January 2019 and Year in Review 2018.






And if that is not enough, all of my Money posts are categorized and sub-categorized here.

(I have been writing a l-o-o-o-n-g time, so there might be a lot to go through.)

How you can get in touch with me


I could not be MORE accessible, except I won’t give out my number 😉

You can talk to me via: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email me directly, or ask me an Anonymous question if you are shy..

I truly have no idea who submits questions, nothing is tracked and yes I do get rude comments/questions.

Again, THANK YOU for coming by to visit my little spot on the web.

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