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Review: Ancient Greek Sandals Satira Platinum Gladiator Sandals Gold Leather (Unbiased, Unsponsored Blogger)

I have been wanting a real pair of well-made, gold sandals to replace these crappy, unfortunate ones I picked off Etsy in an attempt to help small businesses:

The top of the sandals themselves are great. The leather is soft, they’re comfortable, and I love the criss-cross straps, the braided piece and the toe part.

What I don’t love, is the rest of it. The fact that it’s just a layer of thin leather in the sole, and then a SUPER CHEAP foam bottom, that overall gives the impression of flip flops when you walk in them, even though they’re cute. The hardware is also thin, flimsy metal, and overall, not worth the price I paid.

So, I wanted a pair of REALLY WEL MADE Greek sandals, and I knew the brand Ancient Greek Sandals from a while back and was low-key stalking some secondhand options in gold and a criss-crossed, gladiator style.

I couldn’t find anything. Simply put, in my size, in gold, in good condition and for a REASONABLE price considering they’re secondhand, these sellers, for “Passable Quality”, wanted $100+ USD for their sandals, if I couldn’t even find what I wanted to begin with.

When I finally saw these for sale, for FIFTY PERCENT OFF, I salivated. And then I bit the bullet and paid for them, even though the import duties and taxes were almost the entire price of the sandal at this point:

They were what I hoped for and more.

The sole is a well made leather, layers of leather, glued ontop of each other in precision, and very sturdy.

The whole back of the sandal, is comfortable. It hugs my foot well, and doesn’t chafe in the slightest because the leather is buttery soft.

The hardware is metal, but not thin and flimsy, and seems very well made based on my fumbling with them on and off:

I like the rubber part for the heel, but wish they extended it to the rest of the sandal because I will now need to buy these anti-grip stickers to make them grippy when I walk (I am clumsy). It is that, or pay $40 CAD (could be more now), for a cobbler to put on professional Vibram soles.

They fit, WELL. The only minor gripe I have, is that little strap between the big toe. Do you see that? It looks when you wear it, like it should be a piece of leather that is sitting sideways, more hugging the foot than trying to separate it however the leather seems to flatten out and it is quite uncomfortable for now because I am not used to anything in between my toes, and unless the leather softens up, this will become a blister haven.

The shoe however, fits perfectly true to size. I am a US 7 and I got 37s, and the sandal fits like a dream, including the back of the leather holding my foot in.

They also wrap around my ankle three times, which gives it a pleasing, truly gladiator style look.

It looks great. VERY secure and comfortable.

Again, just that part in between my toe, is slightly uncomfortable until it softens up so I can walk comfortably. It is that, or I need a way to twist it so it is less flat and more sideways so it doesn’t separate my toes as much.

And they’re CUTE.

I would have probably liked one strap to be braided like my old pair, but it doesn’t bother me at all, as this is another look, a truly gladiator one.

Here’s what it looks like with some summery outfits:

I just love the look of gold with white!


Size: Fits true to size.

Colour: They call it Platinum but it looks like a light gold to me.

Quality: 9/10 – Layered leather soles, rubber heel, perfection. Only wish they put a rubber vibram sole in the front as well so you don’t slip.

Comfort: 8/10 – just the initial impressions, and ONLY because of the leather in between the toe being too flat and wide for my personal taste. Otherwise, the entire sandal is very comfortable and fits like a blister-free dream.

Overall? I’d buy AGS again. In another style, in my size, I’d definitely go for it as the quality of this brand is fantastic.


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