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Zoya “Paloma” Glossy jelly fuchsia magenta pink Nail Polish Review (Vernis d’ongles)


Paloma by Zoya can be best described as a sheer deep fuchsia-berry with a buildable jelly gloss finish.The jelly gloss formula can be worn alone or layered to create an endless variety of custom colors and effects.

Color Family – Pink
Finish – Jelly
Intensity – 2 (1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque)
Tone – Cool

The polish looks exactly like in the bottle itself. It is perfectly described.

I will say that the building up of the colour is difficult.

This is one sheer coat, and it is very pale:

This is showing the ONE sheer coat for the fuchsia on the left foot, and two coats on the right as a comparison (before I cleaned up the toes):

And this is showing THREE coats on the left, with TWO coats on the right:

I’d say it looks pretty close to the colour in the bottle:

Close up on that:

Final result:

And after three, this could even be seven coats now at this point (it smudges SO EASILY), and it looks pretty good once it’s been built up:


The colour is very true to the bottle and pretty once you get tons of coats on. I mean, I LOVE how it looks literally, like melted jelly on my toes. Very glossy, and delicious.

I have to tell you however, I don’t love this sheer thing. I mean, I wanted that colour in the bottle, and now I know, if it’s sheer, it’s REALLY sheer. I should have gone for something more opaque based on the rating, as I only like to do one or two coats and am done with it.

I did maybe 3-5 coats (I lost count as I kept smudging it as it’s so light), that it probably won’t last as long as the previous pedicures.

It really does look and apply like a light magenta jelly. I kept trying to let it dry, and layer on another coat, etc.

The brush was also pretty small compared to the other brands. I still like Maison Jacynthe’s brushes the best for application.

The one good thing out of all of this is I will be able to LAYER THIS on top of another colour. What would that look like I wonder? I should try it out, maybe have a pink or a purple I like, and then put a layer or two of this on top, and see how it changes it.

It’s pretty.

Would I buy Zoya again?

Yes, I think so but in a more opaque colour.

The colours are very true to the bottle, their descriptions are solid and CLEAR, along with great colour shots of what you’re expecting to get, and even a nice rating of 1-5 of how sheer or opaque it is.

For some reason, I love sheer colours in light pinks, like a ballet slipper sort of neutral, and for berry colours like this one, I need it darker, which is fine.

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