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tenoverten ‘Elizabeth’ summer mauve magenta Nail Polish Review (Vernis d’ongles)

tenoverten NOTES

summer magenta – 8-free + cruelty-free + vegan
does not contain: dibutyl phthalate (dbp), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, triphenyl phosphate (tphp)


This is out of my wheelhouse, I stick to berry, red, or pinks.

I actually got this colour as a mistake, it looked far pinker/redder in the photos on Amazon than the actual nailpolish, and it is more a purple mauve than a pink or a red – they just happened to put up the wrong image, as when I went to the tenoverten page, it looks EXACTLY like this colour.



It’s so hard to capture in photos. In one light, it looks more magenta, or pink. In another, more of a darker purple.

Here, it looks like a dark purple, but it isn’t this dark in real life, it’s a shade or two lighter when you’re looking at it:

Then I put my feet up against one of my favourite magenta travel cashmere scarves from White and Warren and it takes on a pinker hue which I love a lot more.

This shade is pretty darn close to what it really looks like in real life, but maybe a smidge more purple / darker when not placed up against magenta cashmere, that is, as I think it really brings out the pink side of it depending on how I place my feet.

It’s really more purple than what it looks like in this shot below, it’s so hard to capture, yet not as dark as the first shot

The picture that best captures the colour is this one, ignoring how washed out my skin colour is, as I had to lighten it to catch the colour properly:


I did not love the brush. It’s so small and thin, I had to do a couple of strokes on the nail to get it to cover, even on the smaller toes. I much prefer a larger brush where I can just brush it on in ONE stroke rather than three, and I am not certain I will buy more of this brand.


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