Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where this guy won’t date hot women any more.

This Brazilian ballet dancer Ingrid Silva is truly an inspiration. I keep Googling videos of her dancing.

The curve on these ballet flats look very cool.. and they would stay quite well on your feet, not to mention mould to them well.

This guy claims he won’t date hot women any more….only “beautiful ones”. *cue gag reflex and eye rolls*

I own and LOVE this super chic clutch. It is big, yet roomy enough (expands) to fit everything I need when I am out with Baby Bun. If I want to use it as a clutch, it tucks beautifully underneath my arm.

I think one of my current favourite music and dance videos of all time has to be this one. I NEVER miss a chance to watch it.

This maxi is pretty stylish and fit for attending a black tie event.. although I’d probably just put on a straw hat, some flat sandals and wear it to the grocery store.

How do you get divorced in Silicon Valley? This is how you do it – big money, big ego, big bills.

If you’re attending a wedding and want a very beautiful burgundy dress to wear to it, this is it. I’d buy this in a heartbeat, especially with its side tie in a bow, and the slightly flouncy top that will let you stuff your face at the banquet.

Love, breadsticks & a knife fight: The wacky things that happened at The Olive Garden @ Times Square in NYC.

This pineapple tee is $$$. Are they for real? It looks fit to wear to lounge around at home, but if I wanted that, I’d rather buy this Eberjey Sleepshirt (I own 3 of them and wear them constantly). They are super soft, comfortable and perfect.

Brownie peanut butter bites? Yes please. I really want them these days, by the bucketful.

A stunning, gorgeous, super luxurious sequined ballgown (in my favourite stripes no less) that has POCKETS. Be still my heart.

Big thanks to the readers who wrote in with help for low-income earners, this SafeLink Wireless plan to give 500MB and 350 minutes a month for FREE is incredible. I don’t even have that in Canada (I only have 50 minutes) and I have to pay $26 a month for that privilege.

If I could only wear one blouse to work forever, this would be it.

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