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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Rich and barely making it

Rich and barely making it in Silicon Valley….

From what I hear, I believe it.

It is insane in there. I almost feel like Toronto or Vancouver is reaching that point on a Canadian scale.

I was browsing some real estate listings out of curiousity in Toronto and was floored by how much a crappy house goes for. :-\

I am about to buy this silk dress on sale. SOMEONE STOP ME. It is just gorgeous, striped, with a stunning waistline… Oh and maybe this perfect, striped skirt. Not silk, cotton and 40% off.

Got this from a Smug Mother from play group. Still annoyed about the fact that she felt the urge to send this to me. Anyone who has ever remotely considered Nutella as a “health food” is delusional. I know it, you know it, and that’s why it’s so frakkin’ delicious. I don’t keep it in the house because of that fact (I could eat buckets of it if it were available), and it reminds me of my childhood. And that’s what I told Smug Mother, who by the way, happens to bake all the freakin’ time (her cake and cookies are half sugar and half butter, and frankly not as good as the real thing), unlike me a non-baker, and puts maple syrup on her kid’s pancakes every day which by the way, IS STILL SUGAR but in a different form. Sugar is sugar, whether it is coconut, cane, maple, agave, beet, brown or white sugar… I could go on. It is the same thing nutritionally speaking. So STFU SMUG MOTHER. /end rant. I promise.

Obsessed with these hard candies. Love love love.

Life is all about spending more on the right things and while I have been succumbing to impulse buys for a long time, I’ve started reining myself back in my Week of Money posts.

Check out these zebra shoes and tell me just how ridiculous they look for $1290.

Speaking of spending, we need around 40% as a sale to even enter a retail store and to make room, this is how you purge old clothing.

I am a sucker for white shirt dresses, and this one is so tempting.

John Legend (he of silky voice and talent), sings classic Gordon Ramsay insults (swear words in full blast and all, so this is NSFW).. It is hilarious and so melodic… with classics such as: “You put so much oil in this.. the U.S. wanted to invade the #$(&# plate..” or .. “You put so much ginger in this, it’s a Weasley..

It is surprisingly mod and 60s, but I like this shift dress anyway.

A tale of two Sydneys. I can sort of see myself making this mistake if I was really sleep-deprived.

The graphic print of this petal print wrap dress is stunning and so affordable.

As a mother, this is my nightmare with Baby Bun and I have already started telling him that adults ask for help from other adults, not children.

This cosy turtleneck or this grey heathered one + leather leggings. I’m really warming up to the look.

If you’re a freelance writer or looking to be one as a side hustle, Who Pays Writers? is one of the best resources for knowing who pays on time, at what rate per word and the general work environment.

This is my second favourite pair of jeans.

How beautiful is this racing stripe blazer? My goodness. Unique, yet classic at the same time. This camel one is the one Cassie got me hooked on.

I am mortgage free and loving it, but if I had one, I’d be heeding this advice to pay down your mortgage by at least an extra $3000 a year. They’re not wrong in saying that a stronger economy = rising mortgage rates and considering how we have practically wallowed in such low rates for such a long time, it is due for a rate increase. I’d be really scared if I had a mortgage right now.

A graphic but very unusual and interesting floral necklace that isn’t too clichéd.

Thanks for the link love!

Love that Cassie is detailing out how she is embarking on choosing her style/wardrobe colour palette. I sent her a few links on Twitter which seem to have helped.

The DQYDJ Weekender liked my post on my magic retirement number.


  • Anne

    Love the zebra shoes! Not the price, though…

  • SP

    I didn’t like the article at the first link. SV has a big housing problem, but tech workers aren’t the ones suffering the most. Also, if a couple is making $1M, they can indeed afford a house unless most of that is stock options or inaccessible “money”.

    I couldn’t access the mortgage rate article without registering for an account. 🙁 In the US, rising mortgage rates don’t affect most people who have already bought. That is a big difference in norms between US and… the rest of the world. Although some people do get adjustable mortgages, isn’t common. Would you really feel scared if you had a mortgage but also had a big pile of investments that outweighed the mortgage balance? I think the biggest takeaway is to not buy too much house such that you are at risk.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Hmm.. too bad you couldn’t read that mortgage rate article, I wish there was a way to bypass, maybe through a Google Search instead to go past the paywall?

      I would probably feel very nervous to have a huge mortgage and a huge pile of investments together, and a lot of concrete debt. As I well know, selling investments at bad times just because I need money to pay off my bills, is a stressor. I had to sell at a loss sometimes.

  • SarahN

    Something about that striped dress isn’t right – may be the tone?

    Piped navy shift dress is nice, but probably indecently short on a tall gal like me (who could stand to be trimmer!)

    Zebra shoes are nuts, for sure.. I just can’t do turtlenecks, makes me feel choked.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Or maybe it’s the stripes altogether. Nevertheless they didn’t have my size so I was saved.

      I WANT to try turtlenecks but the chunky loose kind where it doesn’t hug your neck but falls just away from it, not a cowl, but something like a super plush thick turtleneck.

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