Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: This FIRE calculator is.. seriously FIRE


Seriously, this tool is pretty.. comprehensive to figure out and simulate your FIRE retirement plan. You input assets, liabilities, you create various plans of when you plan on retiring, what you want to spend, etc. You can also look at some already pre-created scenarios to play around with and modify. It also takes into account inflation (6%), and current projections in today’s and tomorrow’s dollars.


I consider my car, my second home. At least, I did before the pandemic, but even now, when I “escape” into my second home, where the music I like is playing on full blast and I am doing what I want, without having to worry about a Little Someone at the back of my mind, it becomes my Getaway Space again.

So when I saw this Bamboo Car Tray, I immediately got excited. I could write and do other things in the car, with a flat surface in front of me, instead of using the middle console as a tiny table!!! You just hook it onto the steering wheel.

3. APOSENTADORIA (“Retirement”)

Also, apparently Portugal is a hot country to retire in, on the coast mostly – Porto, Lisbon, and Algarve. It’s the cheapest out of all the countries to obtain a visa, and quality of life looks pretty good. Healthcare, great food, hot weather (a bit hot for me, from what I am reading, I didn’t even like Florida much), and a lot of natural surroundings.


This is the kind of cake, everyone would enjoy. Trust and believe.


I feel like this entire article was full of red flags, about an Ontarian family that got scammed by a Facebook page in the U.S. promising they could sell them a small monkey as a support animal. Between Facebook, wanting a support monkey (?) instead of a dog, and asking for payments in prepaid cards, I side-eyed the whole thing.


There is a reason why this Lack of Color Melodic hat in a stiff, off-white colour has been a bestseller. It is STUNNING. Adds a lightness to any outfit, isn’t hot even though it’s wool (it’s a stiff wool) and since it’s white, it will not absorb heat.


I found this article about BMW, Porsche and Nazi Germany quite interesting as a read. It is behind a paywall at the NYT, but hopefully you haven’t used your free read this month. It basically goes on to talk about how the generations of these family-owned companies, benefited from WWII and live off the backs of those who perished, while suffering no consequences.


Sorry, I am obsessed with hats lately because of sun protection, and this Lack of Color Palma Boater wide-brim hat is perfect for when you are spending hours out in the sun. I wear SPF religiously, but I also wear hats because nothing beats… pure shade. Sunscreen will stop a lot of the rays, but it won’t 100% stop it the way a hat will.

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