Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where a couple makes $330K, wasted a $500K inheritance and has near nothing saved


This entire article of someone’s Money Diary was such a raw look into someone’s finances, and a (unfortunately) perfect example of how when you make a super high income ($330K), it doesn’t mean you’re (A) Great with Money and (B) Set for Life.

She worries about money, but I can totally tell it is because she doesn’t have a budget & does not track expenses, she is not wealth-focused, but instead is focused on spending and enjoying the money now (WHICH IS FINE, but you also need to balance out financial security & saving for the future at the same time).

Hopefully this article propels her and her husband into rethinking how to spend their money and to save. Making $330K at 44, but with a $450K net worth is really not great.

Here are the net worth (rough) notes & benchmarks over the years that you can use to see where you are at:


I actually shrieked when I saw this dress. I LOVE monstera prints and leaves, and this one is right up my alley, plus on sale.

3. BFFs

To get people to stay in a company, they should make friends, as in a work BFF. Someone you can see daily, talk to, commiserate and hang out with during work hours, who is your actual friend. It can be tough to stay in a job where you don’t feel like you connect to anyone.


‘Tis the season for linen!! It is so difficult to find GOOD linen. You know what I am talking about. Thick, soft, wonderful linen that is breathable and still pretty, not .. you know, burlap-y. It’s why I have my eye on this Banana Republic linen sundress, coming in a very pretty terracotta shade


This 25-year old, in contrast to story #1 at the top, lives on $33K in Chicago, and is disabled. Her budget is shockingly tight, and it really puts spending and all blessings in life into perspective.


I don’t know who is at the helm at Banana Republic, but their offerings have stepped up recently, and their silk in particular, is velvety, liquid and soft. The colours are also beautiful, like this Sunbeam yellow dress that just screams summer to me, while still keeping you cool.


This recipe looks delicious. Black bean cakes, satisfying, and delicious. Could probably use it as a burger patty substitute too.


Speaking of summer, fedoras are my weakness. Then I came across this Lack of Color (Australian brand) hat done in the simplest, minimalist aesthetic, of just woven palm leaves. It is PERFECTION and under $100. It is the perfect hat to wear with any summer outfit, and has a very fixed, stiff brim, so it won’t flop around in your face.

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