Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Confessions of an overnight tech millionaire

1. Jackpot

A very interesting read on someone’s thoughts about basically becoming a millionaire overnight.

2. Plated

I would buy $16 plates like this, only to display them on a wall in a grouping because they are just stunning.

3. Multi-task or not to multi-task?

I say NAY. No to multi-tasking. It makes you less productive, and this Every Girl article agrees with me.

4. Olive Branch

This cute gold gilded mirror is on sale. I definitely want one of these in my future home.

5. 101-year old Pasta Granny

Love watching them. They are such experts in pasta, it’s incredible to watch.

6. Whimsy

I am very very close to ordering this racoon lamp. I think it is beyond ADORABLE.. and I have never felt this way about a lamp in my life. I really want this trash panda lamp now.

7. Audacity of this hypocrite

It’s unspeakable. I don’t even know how guys like this exist.

8. Hotel vibes

The cuteness doesn’t stop because this jewellery stand is a hotel cart, and it is beyond adorbs.

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